Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lunch at The Coastal Settlement

We got to know 'The Coastal Settlement' from yesterday's Channel 8《我爱公开!》Share Something . The restaurant looked interesting so we decided to check it out. We were greeted with Outdoor dining layout first with some kiddy play things. Not sure whether they are from old time kids amusement world?! As we were early, around 11 plus, there weren't any crowd outdoors.

We moved indoors to catch the attention of the servers. As I only have an Iphone to take pics, I didn't manage to take any pics of the interior. More pics on their website though. I liked the furnishing as they have different sets of dining tables/chairs, some high, some low, some couches, some round, some squarish etc There are even vintages displayed. Unfortunately, indoor sittings were either occupied or reserved already. This is a popular place!

 My kids were happy there were things to play with. The elder mainly played with this log, to do her balancing act, and the swing. The younger preferred the cute stuff.

 Kaylene especially loved this swing.

We got a seat outside and didn't mind the alfresco as the weather was good. We were seated originally as this table with a shelter above us but we decided to move to another where there was fan oscillating.

 The restaurants had nostalgic biscuits prepared for diners! Self service on this.

 I liked this outdoor table/chair set but decided not to move since we were all seated comfortably.

 from left : Kid's Fanta which came with kid's meal (my kids didn't drink as it was gassy). Portabella Fries (crisp on the outside, juicy on the inside - yummy and my favourarite - eat while warm is the best) , Kid's Bolognese pasta (not bad as my picky kids did slurped them up)

 Five Cheese pizza. Good too and topped with some healthy greens!

Weekend Roast -  the truffle fries came with a little red bowl, cute! My kids loved the crispy fries. Not sure they didn't mind the truffle flavour or couldn't detect. Roasted chicken was great too! 

 A final walk round the casual dining

 3 wheeled truck!

I Spy a snail on a branch! Now we know snails are not restricted to ground only

 There are fitness spots near the restaurant. Kaylene and dad couldn't resist the climb.

 as well as swinging on the hanging vines and shouting like Tarzan! 

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