I am currently a full-time working mum. Had been a Stay-At-Home mum for 3 years and enjoyed the time spent with my 2 lovely girls. Then, leaving the corporate world was a big change for me as I loved the challenges of work life though the long hours had taken a toll of my quality time with m family. Hence the decision to stay home. Have started a blog to hopefully break the can-be mundane life of a SAHM. Now being back to work, can't seems to totally detach from the blogging so occasionally will still post if there's something i'd like to share.

Here, I will share mostly my road of discovery, fun, fumble and  frustration with my kiddies. At times, I will share some of my travelogue, my bakes, my reads and most of all my crafty projects with my kids. I was a part-time piano teacher since my college days till I was pregnant with my first kid. Recently have made a comeback in teaching again, actually teaching my own girl. I'm excited as I have been waiting for this day. Will  share some interesting aspect of it.

I've also some long procrastinated interest in sewing and crafting, so hope this blogging space can give me the push to start something! Just something!! My poor singer machine has been a white elephant since my kids came!! As someone who loves cute and beautiful stuff, (libra traits!), you may find me sharing some irresistable ones here..mainly non-living things though, other than my kiddos. :) 

Sometimes, I may hold my own blogyard sale for my pre-loved! I've always believe that my knick knacks can be someone elses gem. Not forgetting, it's always good to recycle, re-use and repurpose for our environment and our kids' future environment.

Do check in my blog once a while ya!!