Saturday, February 23, 2013

Year of Snake CNY 2013 craft

It was Shiranne's School's CNY craft competition and I'd decided (last minute!) to let her participate as she had requested and I didn't want to disappoint her. She mentioned that some of her classmates have been submitting their crafts and also asked when would she start doing hers. So in the midst of busy schedules, I'd made an effort to finish the craft with her in 3 short evenings. When I was a SAHM, we could finish such craft in a day! 
All our materials were readily found at home since there wasn't time to shop for them. Materials used :-
- toilet/napkin rolls
-red packets
- thick papers (for the top/base - as I did not have red thick papers, I got Shiranne and her big sis to cut red packets to smaller pieces and paste over them, something like collage)
- glue, scissors
- ribbon for handle
- heart shape washi tape (which i bought from "Typo")
- wire
- googly eyes.
Shiranne helped as much in the cutting, glueing and pasting. Efforts paid off her she got 2nd prize for the competition. I hoped this will give a little encouragement as she has been rather unwilling to go school this year. 
Anyway, also wanted to share that I was inspired to use washi tapes to make the snake from Corinna Wraps on her twist ties project. It turned out really cute! (twist ties picture adapted from her blog)
Washi Tape Twist Ties


  1. Hi Tulip mama,
    Your Shirrane is so cute holding her 'mum and daughter' DIY lantern. Oh! You have given her so much encouragement by involving in her school craft : )
    I have reply you in my lady bug cupcake post.

    Have a nice day: )

  2. Hi Tulip mama,
    long time no update. I always love your story and your baking recipe.
    we miss you :-)