Sunday, September 9, 2012

kids' little DIY 3D art piece using clay

My neighbour's kids had art lesson using clay and created very beautiful 3D art pieces. I decided to conduct my own lessons for my kids. I had no clue what type of clay to use but decided to pop by Rivervale Mall to check out Diaso. It sold some paper clays and coloured ones. I wasn't sure of the quality as the clays looked rather dry. Our finds ended at another shop on the same level. The packaging looked more air tight and clay felt softer when pressed. Also the clay pack looked bigger and selling at S$2.50 per pack. Didn't notice the weight though. Also bought a box of acrylic paint for S$9.50 a box. As I write about this, out of curiosity, did some search and the difference in Clays can be found from

Materials we used :-
Paper Clay - 1 Packet (don't have weight but measured about 16cm (L) x cm (B) x 3-4cm (D)
Acrylic Paints
Glitter Glue
Cardboard or wooden planks - 2 pieces. My cardboards are taken from some packaging, not bought. Kaylene's Cardboard measured 28cm (L) x 22.5cm (B). Shiranne's Cardboard measured 25cm (L) x 23 cm (B)
Small bowl of water and brush - If clay gets to dry, can apply for sticking or smoothing out some little cracks
Hot Glue/Super Glue - Handy as we did have a couple pieces not stuck to the base securely after the clay dried.
Hair Dryer - if kids too eager to paint and can't wait for clay to dry out  

note -  have to spread the clay onto the board surface using the thumb or base of palm by pressing down clay. Can be tiring for kids. Kaylene managed 60% of the base on her own. Shiranne only managed maybe 10% of the base on her own. Not sure if it is due to nature of clay. This projec takes time so good to spread out the works. We spread out to 3 days.

I made the kids come up with their own theme.

Kaylene wanted her theme to be Rapunzel so that she can braid the hair using clay

Shirannes wanted her theme to be birthday cake


  1. Interesting art. Never heard of clay art. You have an interesting concept to this blog that talks about kids and fun things you do together..shall be following you too :)