Wednesday, September 5, 2012

kaylene rides with no training wheels after reviving the bicycle!

We almost wanted to throw away Kaylene's Aleoco brand 14inch bicycle as it's so slow and not moving fast enough for Kaylene to go without the training wheels. This almost killed kaylene's interest to cycle without her training wheels.

Got to know my neighbour's dad, a retiree who worked in a bicycle shop before, and got his help to revive the bicycle.

The helpful uncle managed to fix up Kaylene's bicycle and also another 2nd hand bicycle which my MIL picked up from somewhere. It was meant for Shiranne but it was difficult to ride too. Even the bicycle shop which we sent in attempt to fix it didn't want to fix it. (I think the bicycle shop deliberately want us to buy a new bicycle as he said no point fixing). I was so glad that the uncle gave the 2 bicycles their second lives. He changed the chain, replaced damaged internal tyre lining, repainted rusted parts. I don't even mind paying uncle much more than the cost of the parts used for the effort put in.  All are happy in the end! Not forgetting, we should reuse as much as possible for a sustainable society!

Kaylene couldn't get the hang on how to balance on the bike initially. She kept tilting and leaning to one side. Me and my hubby took turns to hold on to her the 1st couple days of her learning but gave up because she seemed to depend to much on our holding. As i knew how to cycle, I tried to let her realise that if she felt that the bike is leaning one side, she had to turn the front wheel gently to the same side, which can keep the bike from leaning. She tried and realised she can control her balance better. Slowly, she got the hang of it! :)

Kaylene at her 4th attempt the day video was taken below. Not bad ! Shiranne happily ride her re-new bike!

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