Thursday, August 2, 2012

Primary 1 (2013) Registration experience from a not so Kiasu mum

Thanks goodness for the recent change in Primary School registration exercise this year, I was saved from the agony of any possible balloting experience and got Kaylene registered in Compassvale Primary School. Though I've not gotten the official notice, I knew all Singapore Citizen under Phase 2C are unlikely to have to ballot as I've called the school right after Phase 2C closed for registration. Pheeww...

Information can be found at MOE website here on the changes.

I am not the type of parent to plan way ahead (since birth) on child's education. I had even missed registration dates for Kaylene's Preschool! So for Kaylene's Primary School education, the thought of doing any Volunteer work didn't occur to me as pressing.

Only left with 6 months prior to Kaylene's Primary one registration in July, then I tried looking up for  information on Kiasuparents Forum. Decided I should probably register Kaylene in a school with competitive environment since she's the competitive type. I toyed the idea of being a Parent Volunteer, joining a Clan association and even the likelihood of working in a primary school of choice! Well, I figured out the least time consuming and most possible option was joining a Clan association (Singapore Hokkien Huey Kuan - SHHK) since there's a school (Nan Chiau) which is within 1-2 km away from my residence and my hubby, a hokkien, can be a member. We'd decided to pay for the membership of S$500 with the mentality of buying a hope since the school is considered a good school (I gauged how good the school from Singapore Primary school ranked by academic excellence). We went for the Members' Gathering in the hope of increasing our visibility and chance of being recommended. My hubby even gave a talk at one of the SHHK's primary school.

As Phase 2B registration dates drew nearer, we crossed our fingers for a recommendation letter from SHHK but our little hope was dashed when I called up and was told we were not recommended for Phase 2B due to short duration as member. I requested for appeal but was told there were many other members who joined much much longer than us so there is really no hope in appealing. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed the members' gathering sessions as a form of family activity.

So we had to proceed with our plan under Phase 2C to register at our choice of school ie.Compassvale Primary School. We had gone for the School's Open House (usually mid June for most schools) and all of us, including the 2 gals, had good impression of the school. There were 3 days opened for registration and we waited till 2nd day.  I called up in the morning to find out the percentage taken up from 1st day. The staff was very helpful and patiently reported 54 Singapore Citizens have registered and the rest, about 60, were Non Singaporeans. There were 110 vacancies hence I knew our chance is good and went ahead to register!

Though the number of applicants at the end of Phase 2C registration is 150 to 110 vacancies, only the non Singaporean will have to go into balloting. So thanks to the change in registration exercise this year!!!! Otherwise, it's either we will have to go through balloting or register Kaylene at school not our choice.

Below a snapshot from MOE website which will be updated at the end of each day's phase registration.
Seng Kang
Total VacancyPlaces Taken Up atVacancy for Phase 2CNo of Children Registered

Phase 1Phase 2A1Phase 2A2Phase 2B
Anchor Green Primary School

Compassvale Primary School

Fernvale Primary School

Nan Chiau Primary School

North Spring Primary School

North Vista Primary School

Palm View Primary School

Rivervale Primary School
Seng Kang Primary School

Sengkang Green Primary School
Springdale Primary School


Anyway, we are all happy :)
I've to count my blessings and that I've not tried too hard to be Kiasu!..


  1. Hello Tulip mama how do you find the teachers and students in the school?

  2. Hi I zacky, my gal likes the school, her form teacher and friends. I don't find her too stressed or underperforming. In my opinion, She has done pretty well academically and good exposure on non academic (eg drama, dance, music, cup stacking)I'm happy with her school so far.

  3. Hi for those bloggers who have requested me to sign On their forms as referral for singapore Hokkien huay kuan member's registration, kindly note we are no longer member hence regret unable to assist. You may want to try kiasuparent forum. Good luck in your search!

  4. Hi do u thk if u join few yrs for the shk chance b higher?

  5. Hi Bee Chin, a friend of mine joined 2-3years and volunteered to help in their events. Her kid got into nan chiau this year.