Monday, July 30, 2012

DIY Birthday cake with Supplies from the Icing Room

Time flies and it was dear hubby's birthday. Decided to try the chocolate cake recipe that I used for Kaylene's birthday again here. As for the decoration, I've gotten tired of the ones that I have at home so decided to go The Icing Room at Compass Point and check out their cake decorating supplies. I knew they provide Do-It-Yourself cake decoration services. It looked fun and a boy actually proudly declared he is decorating his own cake when I was browsing their decorating supplies! So cute!

I bought the following for S$3.00. Happy with the piping cream (S$1.00 each) because I'm really not good at making those.  My girls were so excited with the supplies!

Pressie for daddy - a T-shirt with photo of the 2 girls.  I chanced upon a push cart stall called CY. Prints at Compass Point Basement 1 level that does such printings on T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads etc. Their T-shirts come in various colours/sizzes and all are Dry-Fit type. I hadn't got any photo ready then so I was told pay a deposit and to email them from home. Technology! How convenient! The shirt+prints cost me S$19.00. The service was satisfactory as they acknowledged my email when sent. I sent them on Tuesday before 10pm and I was able to collect on Thurs evening. Pretty fast!

Another technology to mention here that made the gift turned out well is an Application for IPhone called Frametastic. I did the picture in "lomo" effects so that the picture's colours do not stand out too brightly.

All the DIYs were fun for all. Inexpensive yet thoughtful. My kids were extra co-operative in posing for pictures and had fun when they knew it was for daddy's birthday gift!  

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