Monday, July 30, 2012

DIY Birthday cake with Supplies from the Icing Room

Time flies and it was dear hubby's birthday. Decided to try the chocolate cake recipe that I used for Kaylene's birthday again here. As for the decoration, I've gotten tired of the ones that I have at home so decided to go The Icing Room at Compass Point and check out their cake decorating supplies. I knew they provide Do-It-Yourself cake decoration services. It looked fun and a boy actually proudly declared he is decorating his own cake when I was browsing their decorating supplies! So cute!

I bought the following for S$3.00. Happy with the piping cream (S$1.00 each) because I'm really not good at making those.  My girls were so excited with the supplies!

Pressie for daddy - a T-shirt with photo of the 2 girls.  I chanced upon a push cart stall called CY. Prints at Compass Point Basement 1 level that does such printings on T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads etc. Their T-shirts come in various colours/sizzes and all are Dry-Fit type. I hadn't got any photo ready then so I was told pay a deposit and to email them from home. Technology! How convenient! The shirt+prints cost me S$19.00. The service was satisfactory as they acknowledged my email when sent. I sent them on Tuesday before 10pm and I was able to collect on Thurs evening. Pretty fast!

Another technology to mention here that made the gift turned out well is an Application for IPhone called Frametastic. I did the picture in "lomo" effects so that the picture's colours do not stand out too brightly.

All the DIYs were fun for all. Inexpensive yet thoughtful. My kids were extra co-operative in posing for pictures and had fun when they knew it was for daddy's birthday gift!  

Friday, July 27, 2012

Growing Moonflowers

We were at the Singapore Garden festival 2012 two weeks ago and had an enjoyable time with all the flowers and greens. Kaylene interestingly kept persuading us to let her grow a pot of flower after we went into a shop that sells potted plants and seeds. I had no intention as I do not have have green fingers and I thought most seeds are not able to germinate in a tropical country like Singapore.

Anyway, I finally gave in when I did find a packet of moonflower seeds that requires 20-30deg celcius to germintate. It costs S$2.50 and there were 8 seeds in it.

We soaked 4 corn like seeds in the water for 24 hours first. They are the 'guinea pigs'! Then find a small pot, fill 3/4 of it with unfertilised soil, put in the seeds (spaced out) and then cover them with more soil, about 1/2 inch more. The seeds are suppose to germinate for 7 days. So we waited and in just 4th day, we could see some sprouting from the surface of the soil. By the next 2 days, seedlings had grown about 3-5 cm tall.

To make the growing process interesting for her, she was tasked to water the plant every afternoon, measure the plant everyday and keep a height chart. The moonflowers survived for 9 days and had sprouted taller and with few pieces of green leaves.

I've decided to google for some information about the growing of moonflower to ensure the survival of the plant and to understand the nature of the plant more. Kaylene was excited with what she heard and I'm glad all of us have learnt something. I have summarised briefly below:

1) Moonflowers are white in colour.
2) They are family of the morning glory. However moonflowers bloom in the night and close by midday. Exact opposite of the morning glory!
3) The leaves are heart-shaped
4) They have jasmine fragrance
5) They are vine plants. My Mother-In-law actually found some twigs and stick them into the soil to give some support to the sprouts yesterday.
6) when the flowers die, the seeds can be used to grow more flowers
7) It is a tropical plant, so needs lotsa sun.

Hear is a link from ehow on how to grow the moonflowers. The website also mentioned that Moonflowers seeds are poisonous when ingested. So do take note.

I'll probably transfer the moonflowers to a bigger pot these couple of days and leave them at the planting ledge outside for more sun. Will update when they are in full bloom!!.. if they survive! cross fingers XX

Update as at 23 Nov 2012
the moonflowers had bloomed many times but each bloom only lasted an evening and it will wilt. So short-lived!

Monday, July 16, 2012

DIY small shelving cabinet with Boxes

Our company had a clean desk policy recently and all the un-important stuff from my pedestal got to make way. As I didn't want to order any trays and preferred to go green, I made my own shelving cabinet from boxes and box covers available in the office. Tried to decorate with whatever I can find in my office too. Still rather plain but that's it for now due to busy schedule.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

My girls are fans of Fly Guy and Buzz series, by Tedd Arnold

My girls just got over the craze about a boy having a fly as a pet! We were at the library hoping to find the last book that we have yet to find from the series "Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl". We were lucky and when Kaylene found the book on the shelf, she hugged the book, jumped and squealed with excitement! 

Why we love this series? Can see from the pictures below that the illustration is adorable! Even Shiranne enjoyed this series. My girls know the word "Pest" from the first book of the series. It started how the boy got a fly as a pet. Subsequent books from the series are about their adventures. 

This children book series by Tedd Arnold came in Chapters of 3 in each book. Hardly see preschooler books in chapters so got the chance to explain why the need to break a story in parts with chapters in a book. When I started reading the book to them, I would also read the chapters aloud. There was once when I'd attempted to skip reading the chapters due to laziness, my small one quickly corrected me and said," Mummy, you must read Chapter 1'"! haha.

Also, isn't it genius to name a pet with such interesting name? Fly Guy? I have also told my girls to be creative when they name their pet fish, their soft toys when they play pretend.. 

When they found "Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl" at the Library

Have fun! By the way, I have checked out Tedd Arnold's webpage and found another series below. Looks cute so I'll show it to my girls and let kaylene do the search at our next visit at the library