Sunday, June 3, 2012

Genting Highlands+Strawberry Farm 3D2N

It's the June break now and we have planned a Hong Kong disneyland trip 3D2N this coming weekend. Will update again. Recalling our trip to Genting Highlands, in case any parents keen to bring their young kids up, i'm sharing here a trip that we have made during the March holiday break a few months ago..

We booked our coach with Five stars that came with accommodation at First Word Hotel. We were happy that we got seats and rooms for the dates we wanted but made the wrong assumption that they will allocate us the front seats since we have young kids. In  the end, we were allocated seats at the last 2 rows which the coach in charged said we can't change the seats. There were no other kids except for ours. My elder girl had motion sickness and she was queasy during the last hour of the coach ride. Noticing this, we stopped her in-coach entertainment and asked her look out of the window, gave her sweets and she was still alright. However, the ride to the top of the highlands got so windy and fast that our girl couldn't take and puked badly. I feed-backed to the coach guide and she mentioned that we should have requested for front seating ourselves when we booked the ride. On the return trip, my girl also ended up puking while we were winding down from the top.   Lesson learnt here.  Our young one had no motion sickness hence she was alright.

So for those who are sure that your young ones had no motion sickness, go ahead as the short stay at the highlands for the kids can be enjoyable. My kids enjoyed the indoor kiddy rides and the strawberry farm. However, Kaylene had declared no such coach rides for her anymore and we agree.

For the Strawberry farm, we got a cab down at an agreed price of RM40 to the strawberry farm and a chocolate shop and RM40 for the return. The taxi driver was very friendly hence we did not bother to check with other cab drivers. The trip down was about 15 min-20min depending how fast they go. We requested for a slower ride due to Kaylene's motion sickness.

We did not have to pay for the entrance fee, just pay for your picks. It's a hydrophonic farm. They opened up rows for visitors to pick. You can't pick where ever you wish. A basket and a pair of scissors were given and there was a min. weight for each basket. (Can't remember though). Strawberries are small, taste varies as some are sweet while some on the sour side. Experience for the kids was great though.

This is the mushroom farm that is linked to the strawberry farm. There is also some other little shops to look around though wasn't really interesting for us.

We enjoyed our fun, cool weather and being in the clouds experience. I disliked the cigarette smell that lingered in the hotel (seemed to be almost everywhere). We only got some fresh air when we checked out the outdoor fun and ( 10min only coz got bored looking at things we won't be doing with our small kids), and maybe another 10 min at the small outdoor viewing area which was pretty crowded. Don't think we will be planning a highland trip up for long time.

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