Saturday, July 7, 2012

My girls are fans of Fly Guy and Buzz series, by Tedd Arnold

My girls just got over the craze about a boy having a fly as a pet! We were at the library hoping to find the last book that we have yet to find from the series "Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl". We were lucky and when Kaylene found the book on the shelf, she hugged the book, jumped and squealed with excitement! 

Why we love this series? Can see from the pictures below that the illustration is adorable! Even Shiranne enjoyed this series. My girls know the word "Pest" from the first book of the series. It started how the boy got a fly as a pet. Subsequent books from the series are about their adventures. 

This children book series by Tedd Arnold came in Chapters of 3 in each book. Hardly see preschooler books in chapters so got the chance to explain why the need to break a story in parts with chapters in a book. When I started reading the book to them, I would also read the chapters aloud. There was once when I'd attempted to skip reading the chapters due to laziness, my small one quickly corrected me and said," Mummy, you must read Chapter 1'"! haha.

Also, isn't it genius to name a pet with such interesting name? Fly Guy? I have also told my girls to be creative when they name their pet fish, their soft toys when they play pretend.. 

When they found "Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl" at the Library

Have fun! By the way, I have checked out Tedd Arnold's webpage and found another series below. Looks cute so I'll show it to my girls and let kaylene do the search at our next visit at the library

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