Saturday, November 5, 2011

Handmade Kiss Lock Coin Purse

I've finally got the motivation to try this project that I've procrastinated ever since I've read I like paper cutting's post on her project on kiss lock coin purse. I've also made some references to the tutorials that she recommended when she did her project, which can be found at cotton and cloud and purl bee.

This was intended for a colleague who is leaving. I thought I should give her something homemade since she has been such a wonderful colleage.

The Kiss lock frame was bought from Daiso at the Rivervale Mall. It's $2 per pack with 2 frames, each 60mm wide, comes with a 20inch paper string, a paper pattern for the pouch and instruction on how to set the frame. The fabric selection at Daiso is rather limited hence didn't manage to buy. Instead, I managed to find some clothes that can't fit anymore and cut them out to form the outer and inner pouches. Yey, i did some recycling!

It took me nearly 2 hrs to complete this as this is actually my first project that involved a pattern and sewing machine. I guess this can be handsewn but with the sewing machine, it's faster. The only thing that I did not have was the fabric glue. I used UHU super glue for plastic/metal surfaces instead. Pretty secure still.

Frame from Daiso

The end product not perfecto though with litte threads showing in the inner pouch. Still, it looked pretty decent. I'm looking forward to making the second purse!

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  1. Really well done since this is your first attempt! Looking forward to see your second one