Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dragonfruit Pinky Marbled No-Bake Cheesecake - Anyone?

Super long have not been blogging! Really tight of time due to busy work schedule and with the kids and household. Really wonder how some mummies can juggle FTW, family and maintaining a blog?! Anyway, decided to post this coz really don't want to leave this blog unattended for too long and good to share this with any Dragonfruit + Cheesecake lover. The cake was made almost a month ago.

Saw an episode on "Hochak" while surfing through my broadband channels, which the hosts showed how to make a Dragonfruit Cheesecake. It looked pinky pretty! My hubby was with me and he asked if I was keen to make it. He then suggested he would buy the dragonfruits if I was. I'm not really a fan of dragonfruit but my hubby likes them. So, since my hubby's birthday was round the corner then and he liked the idea of a Dragonfruit Cheesecake, I'd decided to go for it.

Before showing the outcome of the Dragonfruit no-bake cheesecake, I'll briefly explain why I'd got into making no-bake cheesecake since all along I'd been baking cheesecake. I love cheesecake and have painstakingly read blogs, surfed articles to bake a succesful cheesecake when I first started. Family and relatives liked my cheesecake. However due to some factors, I've not baked cheesecake for erm almost 2yrs. I didn't have the confident to bake one now so decided to explore if the no-bake version is simpler and less of a hassle. After a little recipe searching, I tried twice and concluded that it's definitely much much easier and requires shorter time, but also definitely don't taste as good as my bake ones.

 My 1st attempt to make no-bake cheesecake

 Kids decorated and personalized some coloured papers and used them to wrap daddy's present.

The Dragonfruit No-Bake Marbled Cheesecake.

The look of the cake turned out well and pretty. The taste truthfully i didn't like it. My hubby enthusiastically prepared too much puree from the 2 large dragonfruits that he bought. The recipe calls for 2 dragonfruits which in my opinon one small dragonfruit is enough. I think the cake lose the cheeseecake taste and tasted too much of the dragonfruit. Also, as there were too much puree, I've had to put the cake in the freezer to prevent it from bleeding dragonfruit juice. My hubby and MIL liked it and said it's like dragonfruit ice-cream!

Anybody game enough can refer to here for the recipe and cooking video from 8TV Ho Chak! One of my favourite channels to catch currently if I'm home. I like the female host..she's rather quirky! 

Oh dear, it's past midnight already, got a little carried away...should be working on my slides instead of here....Working me it's like back to a rat race, running that wheel round and round...

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