Friday, May 6, 2011

The First Author in my kids' life - Mo Willems

My girls recently fell in love with a series of book by Mo Willems called 'An Elephant & Piggie Book'. We started his Pigeon series about half a year back and the girls were always delighted about the Pigeon. They loved the way it was drawn and the silly things that the Pigeon does.

It started a few months ago, when I chanced upon two 'An Elephant & Piggie book' books at the library. I liked the simple short phrases and the relatively big fonts used as it seems simple for Kaylene to learn to read on her own.

I would usually read  books to them at bed time and these books were read to them as usual but with a little animated voice.  The kids loved the books. The addiction came when I suggested us 'acting' out as Gerald (the Elephant in the book) and Piggie. Kaylene chose to be Piggie whilst Shiranne and mummy will be Gerald.  It was SO SO MUCH FUN following the dialogues and actions! We followed the illustration like hugging each other,  showing delighted or angry faces, waving arms etc and I think my girls have pretty good acting skills :)

Most importantly, Kaylene learnt to take note of the Author's and illustrator's name. She never ever did previously. And whenever we go to the library previously, mummy and daddy would be the ones choosing the books to borrow. She will usually find a seat at the children's corner and make herself comfy with a book. The last trip to the library was different as she actually asked about borrowing more Mo Willems's book. I taught her how to search by the last name and she was thrilled to find some more of his books that were new to her. I really hoped that was a good start for her to get interested in looking for books herself.

The series of 'An Elephant & Piggie Book' we borrowed from the Library

I did the "I WILL NOT LET YOU GO" on my girls as exaggerating as Gerald and the girls couldn't stop giggling!
I sniggered and rub my palms liked Gerald and the girls learnt to snigger cheekily too :p
I commented how nice and generous Piggie is to share the new toy with Gerald and how this action can make a friend so happy. Oh, sometimes I'll do the above with more exaggeration to show the degree of  appreciation * hee hee*

Kaylene enjoys reading some of the books herself now, with enactment sometimes.... and Shiranne, when asked what books she wants me to read nowadays, her answers will be ' piggie and gerald'. She is very good at taking an imaginery toy in her hand and admiring it just like Gerald. *awww*.

 I think these books really gave me a chance to amuse my girls and made reading more fun!

Have FUN with your little ones!


  1. That's a great idea, playacting the stories out! :) Thanks for the recommendation, will check out Elephant and Piggie series the next time we go to the library...

  2. We love MO Willems too when Kyle was younger...he is a fantastic author that really knows how to relate to kids. Great storytelling skills btw :)

  3. Daddy reading a year on... And am proud of my wifey tulip!!!