Saturday, April 9, 2011

Visit to Sengkang Fire Station

Our Saturday morning : After Kaylene's morning swimming lesson and the showers, we took a stroll to the nearest Fire station, just about a 10min walk away. We have put the visit at the back of our minds and waited for a Saturday when there is no art lesson for kaylene. 

The fire station opens for visits every saturday 9-11am. We were there at about 10.30am and after exchanging our NRIC for a visitor's pass, a friendly fireman greeted us and showed us around the ground level of the station. The kids were given a plastic made fireman's hat as souvenir.

Kaylene was apprehensive in holding the hose when the fireman offered to let her hold but I knew she enjoyed the moment when she held it with daddy.

The fireman warned the kids not to do this at the playground. Exactly what i wanted to tell Kaylene as she has always been attempting to jump up the playground's pole and pretend to slide down, even though she was just maybe 30cm up the pole!

 The water mist spray

Marilyn monroe lookalike dress?
anyway, we were glad the kids get to see different types of fire engines, though they couldn't keep still to listen much to the fireman's description and explanation.

maybe we will visit the fire station again in another 3 yrs time for her.


  1. Thanks for sharing, never knew that fire station is opened for visits! It looks like a fun place to visit for the kids, especially the older ones (my boy is too young to appreciate). I'll keep this in mind as something to do when my boy is older! Btw, out of curiosity, were there other visitors? Can't tell from the photos here :)

  2. Hi Ruth, thanks for dropping by. :) We actually went with our neighbour. They can be seen in the 3rd and 5th picture. I didn't manage to take pic of other visitors. They were not in our group but were guided by other friendly firemen instead. There were at least 2 other groups of family being shown around then.

    I think your boy would get to know the big red fire engine that makes the nee naw nee naw sound soon!