Friday, April 22, 2011

Kaylene's first & second stage swimming test

Kay started her swim lessons when she was about 3.5 years old. She stopped the lessons when we had to leave Singapore for half a year. In Sept last year, we started her swimming lessons again and half a year later, she was ready for her first & second stage swimming test, as indicated by her swimming instructor.

So as i found out from some of Kay's swim mates' parents, they had dangled a reward for their kids for passing the test. My Kay was just happy when I told her that her friends will be taking the test together. I was indeed relieved that she was motivated in a non-materialistic way. Furthermore, I'm not that a thoughtful mum in the area of material rewarding and why initiate it when she don't seems to need it!

 9am at our condo's pool. Kaylene and her friends warming up and playing in the pool while waiting for the test to begin. Kaylene was so anxious when she saw so many other kids and parents at the pool

Kay's swimming instructor briefing all the kids on the items for the test.

 The kids' 1st item was to perform a step in to the pool. The pool is 1.2m deep. Kay was second in line in the pic and i think she was the smallest amongst the kids.

 She had finished her 2nd item 'dive in and pick up pebble from the bottom of pool' and relaxing at the side.

For her 3rd test item, she had to put on her pyjamas and swim 25metres. It was the most tiring item but she made it.

All the kids in pyjamas waiting. So cute! My kay was still nervous about the crowd as I noticed she was biting her nails a lot.

They had wearing life jacket and floating skills for the 4th and 5th items subsequently. The above was the 6th and last item, the theory test. Kay was biting her nails again!

I was very proud of her and glad she enjoyed herself during the test. Still, like I said before in my previous posts, I hope she'll grow out of her anxiety soon.


  1. Are you going to start Shiranne a little earlier than Kay this time? was wondering when's a good time to get truett started as he's turning three soon..

  2. Well, the other bigger boy was biting his nails too! Thumbs up to her for being brave, & not requiring any material motivation! ;). You must be so proud!

  3. Hi Daphne, tks for popping by :) I have the intention to start shiranne earlier but she seems to display little interest for the waters despite accompanying her sis to swimming lessons every morning. I think starting Kaylene at 3.5 builds her confidence with waters. Her progress was slow though.. learnt the same thing almost every lessons. eg, she did blowing bubbles in water, kicking etc for months. At 4+, she progressed faster, i felt it was more because she was older and grown more competitive, and less of coz she started early.

    I've not yet seen kay's instructor taking in kids at early 3 though.

    Still every kid is different. Try some lessons for Truett. If he does not fuss and can pay attention to the instructor, and most importantly enjoys the lessons, no harm for him to have an extra curricular!

  4. Hi MamaJ, ya i didn't let kaylene see that photo coz I've always told her no other kids bite their nails! Anyway, nothing i say can stop her from biting her nails as i know she did it unconsciously.