Monday, March 21, 2011

Weaving for Hope - my first crochet is for preemie

My first crochet project - a beanie hat for preemie

I have not been blogging for some time as I was busy training my new maid and also trying to complete the 'Weaving for Hope' crochet beanie hat for the premature babies. Got to know of 'Weaving for Hope' through Motherinc and found it meaningful hence decided  to use a Sunday to go down NUS at bukit timah campus to learn crochetting the hat.

It was a group of NUS students' project. They had instructors to volunteer for the 2hrs workshop and the crochet needles and yarns were all sponsored. The students aiming to spread awareness about the need for preemie hats by premature babies facing potential medical risks. The hats will then be delivered to neonatal units of hospitals who have expressed their desire for this sort of help. I'm not sure how long they are continuing this project but some details can be found here and can try contacting them for those keen.

 The instructions on the board

 The workshop

My Work in Progress. A couple of rows only after a 2hr session. I had no prior experience in crochetting hence it was rather difficult for me to remember the steps and I was really clumsy with the needle. Had to remove and re-do a couple of times. Patience ..Patience ... is the way to go..
Finally completed a not-so-perfect piece (some rows had less crochets), after 2 weeks, and was ready to be sewed into the beanie hat. I was so slow that I'd actually busted the 14th March deadline to snail mail the students. Will be doing so right after this post!

Hope the preemie who is going to wear my beanie hat can feel the warmth & love i put in and
will grow stronger and stronger every day!


  1. this is very meaningful. but... the workshop dates were due:(. anyway, hope they will another workshop...

  2. yes indeed. i've indicated interest to the students that if there are more of such workshops, they can inform me. I'll post in my blog the next time !