Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Fun Sunday @ Kallang

Sunday morning, hubby suggested bringing the kids to old Kallang airport which is one of the exhibition venue for The Singapore Biennale 2011. It's ongoing till 15 May and information can be found here. . He thought there might be some kids activities for them to have some fun. However, it turned out the activities were only for the open house... Nevertheless, we went ahead to tour the place.

@ the West Block - Kids drawings
My kids were either admiring some of the drawings or trying to figure out what some of the drawings were about. There were nice ones which we get the kids to look at and they would usually 'wow'. But we also came across some gruesome ones for eg. a bloodied heart being pierced by a fork.. those we shun..

We toured the other blocks but as we couldn't really appreciate a lot of the art there, we ended our tour quickly. Then we had a leisurely lunch at the not-so-crowded Toast box which is within the compound. 

Frequency and Volume
We had fun getting our shadows to pose for photo taking

Since we were at Kallang, we decided to drop by Kallang Leisure Park and check out the bowling.We were expecting a long waiting list for a Sunday afternoon. To our surprise, we were told we can get a lane immediately. We were all excited as it was the first time the family bowled and hence didn't mind paying S$33 for 2 sets of games for 2 adults and 1 child, shoes rental and the socks (good to bring your own socks and note they do not sell kid's socks. Kaylene didn't wear any socks with her rented shoes but she seemed fine).

Another thing to mention, I'm not sure about other bowling places,  but I'm glad that Kallang bowl has the bumper barrier for kids to prevent their bowling balls from falling into the drain. Otherwise it'd be as if we are throwing our money into the drain.

The kids couldn't wait to get their hands on the balls. I had to stop them in case they roll some 15 pounds ball onto their feet. I've gotten the lightest ball, which is 6 pounds, for Kaylene. It's a good weight as she can lift it up with both hands and then throw it with both hands.

Kaylene was really enthusiastic about the game. The heavy ball did not even deter her from trying to use her thumb, middle and ring fingers to pick up the ball! Look at the lane behind her. It was her turn hence the bumper barrier was up. When she finished with her 'throws', the bumper will automatically be withdrawn for the next adult. I was really amazed by this feature and this shows how long I've not been bowling!

Shiranne had her experience of bowling...erm..rolling too.. and was 'yaying' away when she saw her ball knocked some pins down :)

While we bowled, she entertained herself by putting her face above the air blower from the ball dispenser, either getting her face 'cooled' from the excitement or simply enjoying flying her hair as she shook her head?!...Ha ha

I knew it was obvious that I need not check with the kids if they enjoyed themselves. We adults did. Kaylene actually requested to do bowling again the very next day. Guess we have one more activity to keep in mind for the weekends!

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