Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the wall decals craze in our house (part 2 ?)

We were trying to create the effect that our air-con is blowing the pinky petals in one direction, scattering the petals towards the TV.

For the kiddies' play room.

Recently saw more designs of wall decals selling at Gmarket and got tempted to buy more. But first, I've got to locate a good spot in my house suitable for more wall decals! 


  1. hi there, stumble upon ur site from another mama's site, and hence found Gmarket! (you have no idea how happy i am to buy the wall decals...:P)

    anyway, i must say, it is very brave of your to be sahm. keep up the good work and wish you dream come true^^.

    will be back... good day!

  2. Hope you will like your wall decals! Have fun putting them up when it arrives!

    Tks for the encougement being a sahm, appreciate it! I guess also not easy for you to juggle work n 2 kids. Hang in there, u are doing great too :)