Tuesday, February 1, 2011

some little CNY crafts decoration for the year of rabbit

 兔年快乐 !!
our own origami rabbits 
  年年有余 !

The two girls helping out with the fish making this morning. The small one cut the tape, the big one paste and do the fish cutting. Distribution of work to keep all occupied with the craft! Kaylene still got agitated with Shiranne when she couldn't cut the tape properly..I'm still working on her quick temper.

Explained to her the reason for folding the fishes during Chinese New Year and thought her how to say 年年有余 Nian Nian you yu. Nian Nian You Yu is a greeting Word for chinese new year~~ Meaning having abundance or surpluses every year. "Yu" is also the sound for "fish" (鱼). Kaylene doesn't understand abundance or surpluses so I told her it means to have a lot of something eg food or money. 
Anyway so much craft for now, looking forward to our reunion dinner tonight!


  1. Happy CNY! :) Loved these crafts, mind if I borrow your ideas next year?

  2. MamaJ, Happy CNY to you and family too! Sure! Fun for your little one and the crafts can be anytime! Let me know if you need any instructables. The rabbit is from a magazine (i can take a pic). I got to learn about the fish when kaylene made one in school. I just made more with her.