Thursday, February 17, 2011

precious photos to remember our loved ones

My papa had passed away for a week already. A heart attack had took his life away from him and also from us. It was sudden and we didn't get to hear his last breath and he didn't get to see us for the last time. We are all still grieving for the sudden lost. My sis and I have kids to keep our minds occupied but I think my mum, amidst all the things that have to be settled, will need much more time before she will grieve less.

We did not really have a very close father-daughter relationship. But at least since I got married and have kids, I began to realise he was a jovial grandpa to his grand kids and during family gatherings, he was there playing and having lotsa fun with the kiddos.

My girls knew of Ah Gong's passing and they seemed to understand death. Kaylene was asking why Ah Gong looked different when I brought her to see him for the last time in his casket. Told her Ah Gong did not have a healthy heart and the heart couldn't work anymore so Ah Gong died. He had make-up to look nice and is lying in the coffin for us to see him the last time. I also mentioned our fishes couldn't swim anymore when they died too.

As for Shiranne, I just told her Ah Gong had died and she seemed to able to repeat the word 'died' when people ask her where is Ah Gong. I guessed she might also understood death, since she witnessed our fishes died, not swimming anymore and had to be taken away. I did not replace the fishes so I think it was a good way to let the young ones understand death better.

There are regrets here and there but for this moment, I really wished I had more photos of him taken with the family. As I tried to show my girls more of Ah Gong from the photos we had taken on occasions together, there were actually about five or six that I can show them. Would like to put them here in remembrance of him, and as another backup, in case the physical photos degenerate or the softcopies somehow disappear..

 precious photos, precious memories..

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