Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I don't have to nag at kaylene to play the piano!

This post is an update of Kaylene's progress on her learning to play the piano. From my last post here, I wasn't sure how long it will take her before she can play a nice piece of song. Lessons at the beginning were some basic notes recognition, playing and counting. There weren't much interesting or familiar tunes to play and Kaylene was progressing slowly.

The real enthusiasm came when she finally learnt to play 'Mary had a Little Lamb'(one hand version)! She was so happy that she played the piece for at least 2 weeks until she can played it without the book! I kept persuading her to learn new songs but she preferred to hang on to this piece. For me, as her mum cum teacher, I've decided not to pressure her in learning a new song, preferred to let her learn at her own pace since I'm always available for her if she's in the mood. Kinda different when I had students because I only get to see them once a week.

I guess after gaining some confidence and enjoyment from playing a song she is familiar with, she progressed very fast after that. She learnt other songs and practiced some of her favourites till she don't need the book. Recently, she seemed crazy about piano playing. In a day, she will ask to play the piano 2 or 3 times in a day. I don't even have to nag at her! I was often nagged by my mum when I was learning to play the piano!

Below are some of the videos I took. They were mainly taken to spur her on as she has a competitive nature and rather showy. If I tell her to practice till 'perfecto' so that I can video and show daddy, she will usually be very motivated to practice more.

On 4th October 2010. Her C-note playing and counting on semibreves.

On 16th January 2011, her attempt on a piece using both hands for the first time.

On 2nd February 2011, using both her hands to play Mary had a Little Lamb

On 18th February, playing Old MacDonald had a Farm.
I video-ed this playing down because she refused to admit she did not count properly. Kept saying she did not count too fast, despite I was tapping and counting out loud the beats to her! It was only after I played the video to her then she can really listened and realised that her playing was a little off beat!

Shiranne 'training' Kaylene to concentrate on her Yankee Doodle piece with her distractions. Haha!

Kaylene is currently stuck with this piece as she couldn't play well for a couple of bars. She said she is giving up on this piece! For my style, I wouldn't really let her give up. What I did was to let her play other pieces in another book. I will go back to this piece again once I think she's in the mood for challenge again! Training my little one not to give up easily!

Something else : I intend to let her do her practical exam when she's ready. Since the exam has a aural test segment, I decided to test her singing pitch while we were goofing in the bedroom. And my gosh, she sang DO RE MI FA SO LAH TI DOH almost flat,  pitchless!

 so....i suggested that she sings DO RE MI and imagine she had to sing a tone higher with each step her fingers takes to walk up a imaginery stair. It seemed to help!

I did mention earlier that Kaylene is crazy about piano playing. She's also crazy about the stickers she get  if she played well. My stickers are actually just simple stars and some heart shapes but this undemanding girl will get over the moon with these simple stickers!

The sweetest thing that Kaylene will do sometimes is that when I praised her for playing a piece well (I don't praise indiscriminately), she will feel so happy that she wants to give me a hug! Ah...this is something that I had never had from my students in the past. It was heartwarming and really gave me a sense of achievement to be able to teach my own children a skill that I possess!

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