Friday, February 25, 2011

Decorated the plastic bag into a present wrapper

little shiranne helping out by removing the paper from the foam sticker

Present is a big Minnie Mouse soft toy.
Plastic bag was used to contain the soft toy when we first purchase it.
I've used tape to bundle the top first then used a recycled red ribbon to tie a bow.
The polka dots are made from foam stickers which I have many left from my previous crafts. Foam Stickers are from Popular Bookstore.

I find this way of wrapping is so much easier than using paper wrappers. I don't have to worry about tears, whether during the process of wrapping or transporting! Also, it's rather environmentally friendly as I don't buy paper wrappers and I've made use of the big plastic bag. HOWEVER, foam stickers are not environmentally friendly which I've just realised after searching google and reading this article! I guess i'll just finished up whatever foam stickers I have and never never to buy them anymore. In the article, foam stickers are just like styrofoam cups, they do not break down and only land up in landfills...

Looks like I'll think of alternative ways to decorate a plastic bag as a wrapper the next a more environmentally way. Anyone has done so?

Snippets of the Day

 Made a simple hat by rolling a big piece of mailer and stapling top and bottom to secure. Shiranne had fun doing a little decoration on her hat : stickers, picture chops, colouring etc. After that she had fun wearing it around the house.

Shiranne is getting better with her imaginaton too. She imagined her hat to be a magician's hat and pretended to take out a bear (lying on the floor behind her) and she'll will go 'da da' with both her hands wide open! She also playfully put her two legs in the hat and managed to wobble a few steps before asking for help to get out! haha!

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