Sunday, January 16, 2011

will miss shiranne's dolly hairstyle for a while

Chinese New Year is coming in about 2 weeks time and I suppose a lot of mummies will be bringing their kids for a haircut. As I was looking at Shiranne's hair with her fringe over the eyebrows, wondering to trim it myself, as I have been doing so since her birth, or bring her to the hairdresser for a different hairstyle.

She has never been to one and I'm not so sure if she will be obedient and let the hairdresser do the trim. Then finally, as we walked past a salon, temptation to change her dolly hairstyle took over and we walked into the salon for her first salon's haircut. Of course, I'd pre-empted her about somebody cutting her hair and she agreed to it.

She was very quiet after entering the salon as she observed the new environment. She let me carry her onto the salon seat with the booster seat prepared, she observed herself in the mirror and observed the lady who draped a cloth over her. I was afraid she might break into cries any minute so I kept praising her that she was doing a good job seating down and explained to her what the aunty was doing.

After a quick discussion on the type of hairstyle with the hairdresser, the scissors started snipping away. Shiranne just looked at her hair fell. I was wondering what she might be thinking. I must say she was very compliant to the requests of hairdresser when she was required to look down or close her eyes.

The cutest part I must say was her eyes closing. She closed them so so so tightly and her mouth would pout out like an 'O' shape. Alas, i didn't manage to capture a shot of this. So cute that the hairdresser and I burst out laughing! We had to tell her don't open her mouth or else hair would fall into her mouth.

Now Shiranne dons a new hairstyle and everybody said she looks different.  I'm sure gonna miss her dolly hairstyle for a while...


  1. Hi! Popping by from Daphne's blog, and I am soooo tickled by your daughter's expression here! The hairstyle looks fabulous, and she looks soooo cutttte!

  2. Hi, thanks for popping by! Your girls are really beauties! Love your blog and the things u did with your kids. From your blog also chanced upon a link to which i find very useful!