Monday, January 31, 2011

K decorated her own simple Birthday cake

Kaylene has been counting down to her 5 years old birthday since a month ago. She was excited about the cake she would get and had been asking for a 3D princess cake which she saw in a magazine. Strangely, she did not ask about the presents she'll get. Anyway, I had wanted to get her a princess cake this year. Went around asking bakerys and the norm for a princesss cake is 2kg. To us it's too much for us to consume since we did not plan to have a big party. I explained to Kaylene and suggested that I bake a small chocolate cake instead and she can decorate however she likes. She bought the idea. So glad she did and really appreciate she was understanding and would go along with the idea of decorating her own cake without a fuss!

Kaylene didn't mention about the princess cake since then.
Look at her decorating her own cake, with mei mei!

 I melted some white chocolates and mould them into some shapes which I knew Kaylene and her cousins would like. The rest of the chocolates were given so I thought they came in handy as toppings decos. Kaylene arranged them and sprinkled her favourites colourful sprinklers.

Only a candle that played the happy birthday tune. The kids were dancing to the tune while Ah ma and daddy were trying to look for more candles. Muddle me had forgotten to bring more candles!

Anyway, glad Kaylene is still undemanding at this stage. So accommodating, just happy with the simple things now; my simple cake for her, simple celebration for her, just happy blowing 1 candle instead of 5... :)

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