Monday, December 6, 2010

Some interesting online christmas purchases

 I've gotten 2 Pugilist Notebooks (Wu lin mi ji) and they are really cool as they are really threaded at the spine and pages are in old yellow colour!

I've also gotten 3 'Whack a Mouse' and I think kaylene and her cousins will be thrilled to have this. I've not played it myself but I think it's a challenge for their little fingers! There are 4 speeds and 9 levels! I'm waiting to 'Whack it' Whack it' myself too!!
this picture is taken from Cherry Box

These are interesting stuffs from Cherry Box which I intend to give as christmas gifts. Usually we will try get some items that are not too expensive, not too bulky so that we can put many presents under our christmas tree. Then all of us, especially the kids, will have fun opening up a few presents for themselves. There are more to come from my online shopping!!

Yesterdays's outing at Changi Airport T3. Lotsa fun with their Ah ma, 3 por pors, and some little playground areas for the little ones.

Spot Kaylene in her new 'Dora the explorer' hairstyle! Had embarressed mummy with her cries at the salon for this haircut though..  kids.. have sure made me more 'thick skinned'!

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