Sunday, December 26, 2010

Poh Piah for our Christmas Get together 2010

My mum's home-made poh piah. So yummy! The home-made chilli had also spiced up this dish really well. I've had eaten many that day and is looking forward to our next session!

The wrapping and eating of this dish takes less than 15min but the preparation of the ingredients is no joke.  My mum took about 2 days to prepare everything! This kinda puts me off even though I know my helper can do all the tedious cutting and i just have to buy and instruct. My hubby kept nudging me to learn the recipe from my mum. But for now, I've yet to have the aspiration to prepare poh piah. Maybe one day :)

Look at that small plate of bright red chilli there!! my fav!

My mum, the santarina ah ma! Ho Ho Ho!

The most crowded christmas tree we had this year!

All the children busy looking for and opening their pressies! How exciting!

Ah gong pretending to escort the the toddlers to school with their new backpacks. I think the kiddies thought it was for real. Haha!

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