Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Christmas gift wrappers, from recyclables!

Realised there are so many nice chrismassy pictures from mailers, brochures, magazines, cards etc etc that we receive everytime when the jolly season draws near. Such a pity to throw them away. My hubby sometimes call me a garang guni! Yes I admit, I've the tendancy to keep some nice pretty stuff  in my craft box aka garang guni box so when I need them they can come in handy! This year, I've decided not to buy any store bought gift wraps but to recycle and repurpose!

Did some of my gift wraps last night when everyone was asleep. Though may take a little more time and deprive some sleep time, I was happy as I know I'm playing my part in recycling and saving some trees. Also, this was somewhat like crafting for me and very  therapeutic!

Below are some pics of the BEFORE and AFTER
 Pages taken from Ikea mailer

 The next morning, got my gals to paste some chrismassy stickers
 that we received from NTUC healthcare Unity mailer

 From Ikea Mailer too

Can't remember which brochure I used for the above, think beer related.
Like this especially because the girls had so much fun pasting the lovely stickers and pictures I cut . Great way to introduce them those chrismassy related things like snow flakes, stockings, christmas elves, snowman, angels etc etc etc.

some of my lovely wrapped presents, mainly undecorated since picture taken last night.
Will be continuing tonight.

Meanwhile, here are the rest of my online purchases:

Top are Sticky Mosaic tiles from Simple thots. Ordered through Singapore Motherhood forum.
Bottom are some Kawaii Sanitary pouches from lavenderbliss55 boutique.


  1. Such wonderful recycling for the holiday season !

  2. Love how you recycle stuff for wrapping! :) Blessed Christmas to you and your family!

  3. Sandy, thanks for visiting and your nice comments! Have gone to your lovely blog and like what i see!

    MamaJ, thanks for visiting again. Merry X'mas too!