Monday, December 20, 2010

Home made Tang Yuan to celebrate Winter Solstice

Such lovely looking, sweet tasting and chewy chewy dessert!

We made this in celebration of the Chinese Dōngzhì Festival (冬至), aka Winter Solstice, which falls on 22 December.

Though these glutinous rice balls are nothing much good for the body since they are mainly starch and sugar, can't help but to go back to the pot and scoop for extras! Careful not to eat too much, can lead to indigestion.

As for the making of it, all four in the family had fun rolling them to cute little balls. Like the chinese name of this dessert, 'Tang Yuan' 汤圆 , also symbolises the reunion of family 团圆, we all came together to make and eat this lovely dessert. All of us love it!

Daddy did the dough and set the soup. Mummy and kids just had fun!

For the soup -
1) We cut out a bunch of our home grown pandan leaves (so useful to grow your own), knot them.
2) knob of ginger (size depend on how gingerly you want the soup to be, ours is thumb size), lightly smashed.
3) Red sugar or brown sugar or rock sugar (I prefer red as the soup has a nice tint of red. Brown is fine too as it just make the soup light brown. Rock sugar a bit plain looking, unless you make the balls with lotsa colours).
4) Boil water. When boiled, throw in ginger, boil to get as much of the ginger taste out as possible. About 10 min.
5) Next put in the knotted pandan leaves, boil for about 10-15min. No longer so as to keep the pandan's fragrance. Remove the leaves and ginger.
6) Add sugar. Quantity is up to the sweetness level you desire. Add some, stir and taste, add some, stir and taste to perfection!

Glutinous rice ball -
-1 packet of 300g (if i don't remember wrongly) glutinous rice flour. We bought ours from NTUC for S$1.95.
- 1/2 - 1 tsp of Red colouring. Depending on whether you want pink or red balls. Red for auspicious, pink for pretty pink! :)

Add a little water to flour and knead, add a little water and knead till the dough feels smooth and sticky.
We split the dough to half. Make a well for 1 of the half and pour in the colouring.  This can prevent colours from staining your hands. Can be quite difficult to wash. The other half remains white.

(What happened : Daddy just poured the red colouring from the bottle to the dough, (that's him), got his hands stained a little, and then when we find dough too red, had to adjust the dough portion)

Pinch a lump of dough and roll on the palm till a bite-size ball. Do the same till dough finishes.

Put the balls into the prepared soup. Boil the glutinous rice balls till they float and they are ready for consumption!

Process of the home made Tang Yuan
 Her second time making glutinous rice balls. An expert already!!

 Her second time involvement. Still a mess! Kept her occupied for a pretty long time though. Hee hee.
Luckily she never throw them around like snow!

Do glutinous rice balls have to be round only!?
I did some smiley faces and Kaylene was the first to finish up all the cooked cutie smiley faces!

Something else : my MIL bought a packet of ready made mini glutinous rice rainbow balls for us without knowing we gonna DIY. So, I'm probably going to do something different with this. Probably add some sweet potato! Sounds yummy?!

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