Wednesday, December 15, 2010

home baked christmas cookies

Didn't manage to blog recently because my MSI laptop broke down... Now using my slow running desktop.

Anyway, back to my cookies. I've bought a set of Christmassy cookie cutters not long ago from cold storage and decided to bake some cookies to give as gifts for Kaylene's neighbour friends. I'd usually go for butter cookies but decided to give the Chocolate cookie recipe a try from "Crazy for Chocolate" from Periplus step-by-step. Recipe so so as I've to do some adjustments as the dough was too wet! Also it uses white chocolate for frosting deco but the white chocolate chips I bought didn't melt well and I've got to change it to simple icing sugar+warm water+vanilla essence frosting. To add to matter, my piping device broke and I've to resort to piping from clear plastic bags. It was a mini disaster for the frosting! But, i guess, what's important was that Kaylene had some fun helping with the baking and decorations and even Shiranne did her first debut in cookie cutting!

Couldn't take pictures of the process as I was too busy to fish out my handphone with all the kids' participation!

A simple humble gift ready. The top deco was a simple craft for kaylene. She did the cutting and pasting. I bought some self adhesive foams from Popular Bookstore. It's having a promotion of buy 3 packs for S$6.40. Usual is S$3.20 for 1 pack.

Shiranne crying for more cookies!
I was trying to stop her from taking more as it was half hour to lunch time!

Snippet of the day 

Meet n Greet session with Pooh bear and friends at the newly opened Nex serangoon mall!
It's the biggest mall in the north east area of Singapore. A crowded mall even on a tuesday!

Where is Kaylene? The girl got anxious as we were about to go on stage to take the picture. I hope she'll grow out of this anxiety!!

Kaylene the outdoorsey girl! Having fun with all the rides at the "Gracious Living My Town My Home", a pasir ris punggol GRC town day, at open space near the Sengkang community club. A fun--filled sunday morning! 


  1. Hello! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! :) Love the crafting and baking you're doing with the kids, and the cookies look yummy!

  2. Thanks for your comments too! I've added u to my blogroll and 1 of the fav read list :)