Thursday, December 30, 2010

All about The Gingerbread Man @ Sentosa

Gathered a few neighbour friends and the whole bunch of us had great fun at Sentosa listening to the interactive Gingerbread man stories and participating in their workshops. The events are still on-going every Thurs- Sunday till 2 Jan 2011.

There will be 3 sessions for each day. 2 stories for the day and you will need to check their time schedule from their boards near the stage. We managed to catch "The Gingerbread Man, the santa helper" at 11.30am and "The Gingerbread Man" after lunch at 2.30pm . The kids enjoyed themselves.

A photo with the Mervyn the narrator, the gingerbread man and the elf.

We also participated in their Gingerbread man workshop. Kaylene chose to do the Gingerbread man clay while I did the Gingerbread man apron with Shiranne. Posing with their works!

The second session, even a bigger crowd!

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