Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sweet potato waffle - a superfood in hiding!

The sweet potato has been lying around in the kitchen for quite some time, almost 2 weeks, so I thought it's time to do something about it. A way to cook it so that even our Kaylene, the picky eater, will get some of those superfood. Kaylene has never been an adventurous eater, the sweet potato never seems to appeal to her even with it's natural sweetness. So, seems that the waffle will be a good hiding place for them!

I've used my usual plain waffle recipe and have added 3/4 Cup mashed sweet potato(steam first then mash. To be added last after batter is mixed), 1/3 tsp baking powder (mix together with the flour) and remember to reduced sugar to 1 TB.

Kaylene liked the Sweet Potato waffle! She ate a piece of the waffle and almost finished her second one until she spotted a small chunk of sweet potato which did't get mashed up enough. She dug it out and declared it's yucky stuff. I told her she ate quite a lot of that stuff in her first waffle, which is the sweet potato, and then she gave an 'oh ya' and tried to eat up the rest of the waffle. Not too bad! Got her to eat some superfood and since the sweet potato is sweet, I'm happy to reduce the sugar by so much.

Here is what the sweet potato has which gave it the honour of being a superfood :-

Naturally low in fat and full of the anti-oxident beta-carotene (found to protect us against carcinogen) as well as Vitamin A and E which help to keep your skin healthy. They can boost your immune system since it's so nutritiously packed. Other then the Vitamin A and C, these are the other nutrients found in them: protein, fiber, calcium,  folic acid, magnesium, potassium

There are other more Superfoods which i found!

I'm definitely going to make more of sweet potato - the superfood - waffle for all of us!

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