Wednesday, November 3, 2010

such a happee day event @ hort park

Got to know of the Happee Day event, which was to bring fun and joy to children fighting with cancer, through Mother, Inc. The mummy blogger and her hubby organised a fun-filled event for the kids that even we parents felt their joy!

Personally, I was very touched when I first know of an individual willing to step forward to organise such meaningful event for the Children Cancer Foundation (CCF)'s kids and managed to gather so many sponsers and help along the way! The words/photos/comments frm others on her blog post of the Happee Day event said it all.

On Sunday, my 2 princessess chose to sleep in a little that morning hence we were pretty late and the event was already halfway through. When we were there at the event space, we were quickly greeted by a boisterious atmosphere! the DJ talking, the music, what caught my eyes---
kids waiting eagerly for their specially requested balloons,
kids making effort to squeeze the icing onto their cookies,
kids slurping their ice-cream,
kids trying to bite through their cupcakes,
kids posing with Pooh bear and bugs bunny
kids with their face painted
--- hey hey, all the things my girls would like!! So many things, so little time!
Not forgetting, there was this mummy who went around giving out some artifical flowers for the kids. How sweet :)
Oh, kaylene almost disappeared from my sight after she did her cookie deco because she sighted a bouncy castle outside at the grass lawn!! Her favourite and had gone crazy and yes, she was in it half the time we were there!  Look how sweaty she was after all the boing boing inside!

sweaty girl posing to show off her flower bracelet and cupcake!

specially requested elmo balloon. The balloon sculptist was very pro, patient and creative

said goodbye to the event with a HAPPEE heart!

Shiranne pouting because she wanted more HAPPEE DAY??!
Looks like huh!  :)

My thoughts for the event :
  • A well organised event. Well controlled as crowd size was comfortable, not overwhelming. Managed to ensure all the items put up are are things that kids will enjoy. Nice event space at Hort Park as i think the nice well kept lawn outside was such a lure for kids to run wild. 1st time at Hort Park and definitely will not be the last. ! Last but not least, the Peranakan Food from Chilli Api Catering is delicious and gonna make it my top list for my own catering in future!
  • I'm glad to have supported this event by being present and  it had definitely made me dig my pockets to make a donation.

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