Friday, November 5, 2010

Parachute landing in the house!

Found an easy way to make a simple parachute at home and it is pretty fun! Even taught Kaylene that P is for Parachute and how to spell the word.

We made 2 in fact, a big one for kaylene and a small one for shiranne.

Materials : Plastic Bag, Scissors, Yarns, wooden clothes peg

1) Cut a square shape out of the plastic bag
2) Poke 4 holes at 4 corners of the square plastic bag, remember don't do it too near the corners
3) Cut 4 strings of equal length, each string about the length of a side of the square plastic bag
4) Tie each string to each corner of the square plastic bag
5) Gather the opposite ends of all the 4 strings, make sure they are evenly aligned,  and tie them to the cloth peg or anything with slight weight.
6) Instruction actually indicates to fold the square plastic bag twice to make a smaller square before tossing. But ours just don't seem to open up. So after some trial and errors, found that the best way for us is to close the plastic bag like an umbrella , hold on to the cloth peg at the same time, and toss!

Fun fun fun! Even I was addicted to giving the parachute a good toss so that I can see the parachute glide through the air and then finally land . Try it by the window if there's a nice breeze :)

Have yet to try outdoor, will do some one of these days.

                                                               Snippets of our day

Got 6 balloons altogether lying around the house! Got them on Sunday from a friend's baby full month party and happee day event  .

As I was picking them up to tidy up the balloon strewn room, I'd decided to draw a face on the red one to brighten the day.

Kaylene saw what i was doing and yup, the rest of the balloons became her faces! Somehow ironically it was not the happy face that brightened my day. I liked the angry face that she drew instead. How angry it looked but it gave me a smile because I thought she did quite a good job in drawing that angry face!

She even made an angry face to show me with a G\Rrrr! hahaha

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