Sunday, November 28, 2010

my first fondant cake for shiranne's b'day

 My first simple fondant cake, made with lotsa kids' fun!

Did quite a lot of reading online on the 'how to make a fondant cake',
glad the effort showed some nice results!

Below pictures shows part of the process :

 my 1st successful 2 layers cake as I mananged to level them properly this time, even without a bread knife!
 Butter cream covered cake - 1st time creaming a cake exterior...ugly with lotsa crumbs showing but it's fine with me since it's going to be covered up!

The birthday girl in good spirits! I love her smile in this picture!

 Kaylene and her cousins all at work to make a nice deco for the white fondant cake. I only had a apple green colouring, a pink strawberry flavouring and 3 different shapes of cookie cutters for them to play with.
They enjoyed moulding the dough and cutting the shapes. It's like play-doh to them!

I discarded the idea of buying some Colouring gels from Phoon Huat as it cost S$3 for 1 bottle and I don't think I would make use of the colours often. Made use of whatever I've had on hand is a better choice.

As for the White rolled-up fondant, I almost didn't manage to get it and had to consider baking my usual chocolate ganache cake. What happened was 2 days before I was going to make the cake, I went down to Phoon Huat Hougang central to buy the fondant. But, to my disappointment, they have ran out of stock and I've to ask the staff to help me check if other branches have the stock. Turn out all the branches have ran out of stock for the white fondant and even the main office is waiting for the stock to come in. At the back of my mind, I blamed myself for not calling to check first and ended up with the wasted trip as I knew Phoon Huat hougand central, from my numerous experience, runs out of stock it's items quite often!! I didn't want to drive down to BIY in Bukit Timah as I'm not familiar with the route...

Here, I've to mention my saviour! A full time mummy baker whom I knew from Kaylene's playgroup 2 years back. She lives just across my place and we bumped into each other once a while. It's my good old memory again as I suddenly recalled I've her contact number and she might have some white rolled-up fondant! She was so nice to sell me a packet  and even offered to give me some extras from her leftovers. She also gave me useful tips to handle the fondant and whereelse to buy the fondant! She got hers from Sun Lik. Here's her blog link Bee's Cake  showcasing all her beautiful cakes and muffins which she did for her customers

 Shiranne trying out her pretty birthday present from her 'Gu Gu', my sister-in-law. Matches her dress!

 She enjoyed her birthday song and blew out the 2 candles herself. When somebody asked her how old  she is, she would show her 2 little fingers (in 'V' shape form), and attempt to say the word 'old' at the same time. She is still catching up on her speech, but I'm pretty alright because I know she'll be talking like any other kids her age in no time. 

All ends well. The kids love the sweet fondant. I thought the fondant tasted good, despite reading that ready made, store bought fondants don't taste as good as self-made. I'll go for Bakels rolled up fondant petitinence
again if I am to make another fondant cake!! (1 packet of 750gm is enough for my 8 inch round cake and 3" tall cake, and some extras for simple decorations)

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