Thursday, November 18, 2010

All of us loved SSO Babies Proms 2010!

Finally the day has arrived! *We are going to the Babies Prom mm, we are going to the Babies Prom mm* my heart sang!!

I'm quite sure if I've had sang this out loud, my girls will be wondering what is the excitement about. Well, of course I am excited. I've been thinking of bringing Kaylene to the SSO Babies Prom  since she was 1+. I didn't know it sold like hot cakes then. The second year I couldn't go because I was doing my confinement when my Shiranne was born. The third year I was planning a trip.  So this year, lucky stars shone on me on the day I called sistic to book the tickets. I managed to secure the tickets in the front row, which were the only tickets left.  Then, I was puzzled but heck, it's supposed to be an interactive concert so ain't it great to be closest to the whole orchestra than anyone else?!

We were there at Esplanade Concert Hall 45 minutes early and fortunately there were some balloon sculpting activity, instrument stickers and activity book give-out at the entrance of the concert hall. There was even a balloon sculpted life-size Uncle Peter, the person conducting the Babies Prom, and so many people were taking photos!

Once into the concert hall, we were again greeted with friendly SSO usherers. One even offered to help me with taking the booster seats for the kids. How thoughtful it is for the Esplanade to provide booster seats for the little concert go-ers :). Then, also realised why front row tickets do not sell well. The stage is pretty high and we wouldn't be able to see the back of the orchestra..

There was a short prelude before the concert begins. It was pretty fun as the lady played 'Simon says' with the audience and got all of us saying something (I can't remember what it's), basically to let kids know about slow, fast, high and low in music.

When the concert finally commenced, Uncle Peter , dressed in the bright red jacket, made his bubbly appearance on stage! He introduced the orchestra in such a cheerful way. There were the woodwind, brass, string and percussion, and it helped also as the whole orchestra was dressed in different coloured polo shirts according to their sections!

The SSO orchestra played so many wonderful classical pieces.  I'm sure kids would be familiar with them some way or another. There were Peter and the wolf, Hall of the Mountain King, Can-Can , just to name a few. Uncle Peter also got the kids to stand on their feet to march according to the beats. The gals had so much fun marching infront of the stage. The advantage of the front row! When the concert ended, kids were allowed to go up stage to explore. Isn't it fun! Kaylene and her friend managed to squeeze themselves upstage and got a chance to stand on the conductor stand, of course with many other kids!

I'm glad we had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in this music-filled and fun-filled concert! Lightens ones heart! :)

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