Wednesday, October 20, 2010

short trip to malacca

excited over the huge n comfy bus seat!
beautifully decorated trishaw, lights up
night roads of Malacca

Cutie toddlers! Cousins hand in hand

our whole congragation in front of
Christ Church of Melaka, waited for an hr
for their public bus! Maybe it's the weekend?
Take it only when u have lotsa of time
and dying to experience their public transport !?

Makko Restaurant's baby high chair!
Rattan made, what a change from the
plasticky ones!

Highly recommended Peranakan nonya restaurant.
Thumbs up for food, price, service!
 I liked their Assam fish. Yum with white rice!

San Shu Gong's Gula Melaka Chendol!
Even if you like durian, avoid ordering the
durian chendol, durian's strong flavour will
mask the gula taste!
- Durian lover's conclusion :0

Our purchase from Jonker's street : from Left
San Shu Gong Gai Zai biscuit, white coffee, sweet potato sticks
Botton : Mee Sua

one of my love @ 1st sight purchases from the mega mall
only RM19.90
  We went on a 3D/2N trip to Malacca with my 10 other relatives last weekend. This is the first time we went on a trip in such a big group  We filled almost half of the Grassland bus. It was a pleasant journey through the second link and we reached malacca in about 4 hrs time. We chose to stay at Hotel Equatorial as it's within walking distance to Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall. Lotsa shops there for us to shop n eat, shop n eat!

It was a relaxing trip as everything was planned by our seasoned malacca-going aunts. They even volunteered to babysit our kids while me and hubby do some retail therapy in peace. In the end, my aunts were glad to get to know their grand nieces better!

We also visited the new Jusco Bandraya Melaka shopping mall. It was a huge mall and very spacious. Personally I think the shopping over there is not very exciting. You can find some of their shops in Singapore too and prices are rather close to Singapore's after conversion. Our cab driver even commented it's a 'rich man's' shopping place. We'd to take a cab which cost us RM15 to go from Christ Church area and then had to call a cab back to our hotel from the mall's Customer service counter for RM20 as cabs going to the mall is rare.

In all, it was a nice short trip for us all!

  • Nice to be away from home- no cleaning, washing, cooking since am still waiting for my Indo  maid, been 3 wks! The passport processing is taking way too long!
  • Got to watch a gruesome , seat gripping movie on the bus about man-eating crocodiles. Didn't catch the title though. Glad to watch a movie. Chances like that are rare.

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