Monday, October 18, 2010

really giving my girl piano lessons!

I have always been rather apprehensive teaching kaylene to play the piano. Attempted introducing a little piano playing, notes, beats etc when she was 3+ and all she ever tried was to bang on the piano in an uncontrollable manner!! When she reached 4, I tried again and playing the piano is still about pressing all the notes with a her 10 little fingers at the same time all over the place, and as loud as possible! LOL :).

It was only about half a month ago that when I tried asking her to use her 5 fingers of her right hand to play C_D_E_F_G and to sing along DO_RE_MI_FA_SO  on her toy piano that she actually complied, and did so several times nicely! I was excited and without even trying to get her to play on the real piano, I was set that she's finally ready for some serious piano lessons! As soon as I'd the time,  I was at Yamaha buying her some beginner piano and theory books  for our lessons!

I had been teaching part-time piano since my Junior College days and all the way till I was pregnant with Kaylene. I've already anticipated teaching my own girl piano would be a challenge, knowing her character and I'm afterall Mummy and not a teacher to her. I know kids are usually more obedient given a 'real' teacher!

First lesson, she has the 'know all' attitude was easily over-enthusiastic, at times pushing my hands away when I want to demo and she kept saying "I know , I know"! **faint**, felt like pulling my hair**  I never had students like that, except my own daughter haha! Still I have my own tricks to counter this!

But I must say I've started her at the right age as she's progressing well. 2 weeks into lessons and she's already playing & singing "Hot Cross Buns" (knowing notes C_D_E, fingerings, counting and clefs).  She also loves doing Lina Ng's Music Theory book for little children as it has lotsa stickers, her fav!

I'm really looking forward to giving my own girl piano lessons, of course minus the hair pulling.

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