Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Punggol North Halloween Carnival 2010

We've finally bought our tickets for the above Halloween Carnival! Look forward to it as it's our family's 1st involvement in anything halloween, even for me and DH. I must say Halloween activities are really catching up in Singapore!

What's Halloween without a costume?! So I've asked Kaylene what she would like as a costume and she said a Butterfly. OK Great! They can wear some Butterfly wings! A friend just told me that I can get cheap and pretty wings from stores, but I've decided to have our own designs and give myself and probably Kaylene a DIY Butterfly Wings project!

 I may try to make something like this....

 or this... Kaylene went " WOW, I LIKE THIS PINK BUTTERFLY WINGS"...
 or simply this... Kaylene went "EEEII, THIS IS NOT NICE, I WANT THE PINK ONE",,

So, I've got 3 DAYS left and I hope somthing good come out of it! Stay tuned :)

Here are some pretty butterfly wings I found, which I think are rather high standard for me to DIY!

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