Friday, October 22, 2010

Mouse Shapes Fun

As I was reading Mouse Shapes that we borrowed from the library to my kids, I was suddenly inspired to do what the mice did in the story; use shapes to form something!

This book saved half my day in coming up with an activity for the kids and I really thought it was a good one. Kaylene enjoyed cutting the shapes out and pasting them to form trees, house, mouse etc . I drew the shapes and she did all the cutting! Kudos for her patience as kids don't cut as fast as adults. (Tips for cutting shapes symetrically : fold the paper into half and draw half of the shape on one side of paper. Then cut.)

For Shiranne, she had her fun exploring the glue, not sure whether she paid attention to my shapes introduction for her though!?

1 more thing Kaylene seems to enjoy , peeling bit by bit the dried glue from her fingers. Something I used to enjoy when I was little too. :) 

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