Sunday, October 31, 2010

I've got the wings made for the fairy, not butterfly

I've finally made  a pair of wings for my girl. On the day I started with the project, She had decided she wants to be a fairy instead of a butterfly. No harm since i thought the wings I intended to make looked more like fairy wings. Anyone keen in making your own wings and also to rope in your little one to have some fun in the decoration, you may want to refer to how to make butterfly wings out of a pair of tights for instructions.

I followed the use of hangers and leggings. We had a good time searching for materials for the project and kaylene learnt a new word "Materials". However as I can't find pink leggings as requested by my dear kaylene (only skin and blacks we found) nor any silk artificial flowers. Our shopping loot were only pink glitter glue, some pins, a pair of scissors and super glue.

I had to think hard what else I can use and fortunately, my good old memory recalled a pair of kiddy white leggings in the wardrobe! Saved!

For the decos, I gave my kids' craft box a good rumage and found some shiny little decos ! Saved again! Yay, so we proceeded with our project.

TIPS if you are lazy like me : The instructions stated to cut the leggings open and pin onto the frame. I've sqeezed the hangers into the the leggings instead! Saved the cutting and pinning part. However you'd get creases near the central of the wings as seen in the pic below.

As for the central part, instead of using artifical flowers, I used some felt cloth and made ribbon flowers to decorate the central portion.  Simple but Kaylene still wowed :)

3 days and finally the wing

Kaylene's favorite part : applying the glitter glue

Made a fairy wand out of wooden chopstick, pipe cleaner. Star was cut from an unwanted box, covered with aluminium foil and deco with glitter glue. Notice a small  Jack O Lantern treat bag for the little Ladybug.
Kaylene got a treat bag out of an orange plastic bag though with some bats stapled on. Daddy's last minute project because mummy overlooked and thought she would be happy with having the wand!
LESSON reminder: siblings must have the same things!!!!

Shiranne in her lady bug costume, re-wear as she'd gotten this a year + ago. Some buttons were left opened at the bottom! oops :p In this pic, she was trying to dig out her treats from the treat bag. She got 1 in her hand already!

All aboard the "PUNGGOL EXPRESS"-double decker bus
It was a short guided bus tour around Punngol estate. The guides were a cheerful  lot! Behind was open top and some people had a good time YO-ing and YEAH-ing!

Kaylene was excited coz she liked the idea of still out and playing when it was already 9.15pm. Usually we would be getting ready for bed.

The little ladybug equally excited, kept wanting to stand on my lap to check out people behing the bus! Guessed the curious gal also enjoyed the rare night outing!

The Punggol North Halloween Carnival 2010 organised by the RC was interesting with lotsa activities eg Punggol Express, scavenger hunt, balloon sculpting, musical chairs, costume contest, games, stalls selling merchandise, food like char kway teow and bo bo char char, stage performaces etc. HOWEVER, I think they'd oversold on  the tickets as the whole event place was so super duper crowded!  Everywhere were long queues! In the end, we only did the Punggol Express (yes we queued...) and got some goodies bag (never really queued as we got the last few bags) and headed for our own supper somewhere else. Hats off for lotsa people out there willing to (queue)3 !!!

Verdict  for Halloweek :
1) Me and kid had some fun during the process even though outcome may not be as good as store bought.
2) Have a good rumage of our memory and craft box before spending time, money on project materials.
    Keep Re-use, Recycle and Re-purpose in mind.
3) Would  think twice about attending RC organised activities the next time !......

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  1. Wow! I love the wings you have made! Such wonderful effort. :> And your little one is so adorable in that ladybug outfit. Wish I had dressed up my boys in such cutie clothes when they were smaller. :D