Tuesday, October 12, 2010

flower vase from my girl and myself

My DH and girls brought me some cut flowers from Cold storage for my Birthday while I was shopping at Fashion Lab. DH actually diverted me away saying I should go do some shopping on my own while he take the kids somewhere else. I got myself a dress and got back with them and got my little surprise! DH said that's the closest orange coloured flower they could find. (yes, orange is my fav colour!).
It's a nice pastel orange, in pic seems rather yellow.

At home, while I was searching for something to hold the flowers (we don't have a vase at home because we are not the type of family that buys fresh flowers for home deco, and we threw our only vase -too big in my opinion - away while we were doing some de-cluttering half a year ago!). However, managed to find a clean empty soya milk bottle in the store and decided it would be a good vase for my flowers.

As I was in a crafty mood, decided to rope in Kaylene and occupy her time with some craft work! Got her to decorate the bottle with some foam stickers and glitters. I tied the 'happy birthday' ribbon myself.  We had a good time with this craft work and kaylene was actually singing the Disney Channel Birthday book song. If you are familiar , something like this "Once a year, it's a very special day...it's your birthday!.." Anyway, we liked the final product. I would be keeping this vase for our future flowers!!

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