Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Crayon Rocks and Eco Stars


I've  finally received the Crayon Rocks and Eco Stars! It was also my first time experience as a spree organiser, quite a busy experience!

I've gotten the Crayon Rocks from USA as they are made from non-toxic soy wax and are tinted with natural mineral powers. On the day I received the crayons, I grabbed the small bag of crayon rocks out for a dinner gathering for the girls to use and doodle. The children at the dinner love these rocks! I think they got excited mainly for the novelty as they are so different from the normal crayons.

For me at that dinner, I love the rocks simply because they don't roll off the table like some other crayons! I don't have to go bending under the table for strayed off crayons :)   Lastly, I've also gotten my preschooler to count 1-16 , making sure we got them all before going off.

As for the Eco stars, they are 100% recycled crayons. What a brilliant way to reduce wastage! They are non-toxic too as the US manufacturer discard the use of crayons made from China or foreign countries which may contain plastic or lead. I've gotten them due to the cute star shaped design and true enough, Kaylene was asking for the eco stars the 1st thing she woke up in the morning! I managed to persuade her to wait till christmas as her gift!!

One of thr pictures Kaylene drawn with the rocks during the dinner!

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