Thursday, October 21, 2010

Birthday cards to DIY photo frames

I've gotten some pretty birthday cards for my birthday recently and couldn't bare to throw them away. The DIY photo frame came to me and I thought it would be a great craft project for Kaylene.
The First card was used as the Frame. I'd to measure my photos before using my rotary cutter to cut out the frame. Above frames are 14 x 9 cm for 4R photos. Below is a quick guide for 4R, 5R and 3R photos.

4R = 4" X 6" or 10.2cm X 15.2cm
5R = 5" X 7" or 12.7cm X 17.8cm
3R = 3.5" X 5" or 8.9cm X 12.7cm

I've used the flowers , ribbons from both the cards and even the maroon coloured envelope for the borders and hearts. Then  I got Kaylene to paste and decorate the frames whichever way she likes!

As for the black frames, not from cards though. We used black papers, some glue sprinkler and foam stickers to decorate! The litte one had fun dotting her own photo frame with the glue sprinkers!

Nice outcome and deco for our boring cabinets! I'm glad the nice birthday cards did not end up in the rubbish bin !

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