Sunday, October 31, 2010

I've got the wings made for the fairy, not butterfly

I've finally made  a pair of wings for my girl. On the day I started with the project, She had decided she wants to be a fairy instead of a butterfly. No harm since i thought the wings I intended to make looked more like fairy wings. Anyone keen in making your own wings and also to rope in your little one to have some fun in the decoration, you may want to refer to how to make butterfly wings out of a pair of tights for instructions.

I followed the use of hangers and leggings. We had a good time searching for materials for the project and kaylene learnt a new word "Materials". However as I can't find pink leggings as requested by my dear kaylene (only skin and blacks we found) nor any silk artificial flowers. Our shopping loot were only pink glitter glue, some pins, a pair of scissors and super glue.

I had to think hard what else I can use and fortunately, my good old memory recalled a pair of kiddy white leggings in the wardrobe! Saved!

For the decos, I gave my kids' craft box a good rumage and found some shiny little decos ! Saved again! Yay, so we proceeded with our project.

TIPS if you are lazy like me : The instructions stated to cut the leggings open and pin onto the frame. I've sqeezed the hangers into the the leggings instead! Saved the cutting and pinning part. However you'd get creases near the central of the wings as seen in the pic below.

As for the central part, instead of using artifical flowers, I used some felt cloth and made ribbon flowers to decorate the central portion.  Simple but Kaylene still wowed :)

3 days and finally the wing

Kaylene's favorite part : applying the glitter glue

Made a fairy wand out of wooden chopstick, pipe cleaner. Star was cut from an unwanted box, covered with aluminium foil and deco with glitter glue. Notice a small  Jack O Lantern treat bag for the little Ladybug.
Kaylene got a treat bag out of an orange plastic bag though with some bats stapled on. Daddy's last minute project because mummy overlooked and thought she would be happy with having the wand!
LESSON reminder: siblings must have the same things!!!!

Shiranne in her lady bug costume, re-wear as she'd gotten this a year + ago. Some buttons were left opened at the bottom! oops :p In this pic, she was trying to dig out her treats from the treat bag. She got 1 in her hand already!

All aboard the "PUNGGOL EXPRESS"-double decker bus
It was a short guided bus tour around Punngol estate. The guides were a cheerful  lot! Behind was open top and some people had a good time YO-ing and YEAH-ing!

Kaylene was excited coz she liked the idea of still out and playing when it was already 9.15pm. Usually we would be getting ready for bed.

The little ladybug equally excited, kept wanting to stand on my lap to check out people behing the bus! Guessed the curious gal also enjoyed the rare night outing!

The Punggol North Halloween Carnival 2010 organised by the RC was interesting with lotsa activities eg Punggol Express, scavenger hunt, balloon sculpting, musical chairs, costume contest, games, stalls selling merchandise, food like char kway teow and bo bo char char, stage performaces etc. HOWEVER, I think they'd oversold on  the tickets as the whole event place was so super duper crowded!  Everywhere were long queues! In the end, we only did the Punggol Express (yes we queued...) and got some goodies bag (never really queued as we got the last few bags) and headed for our own supper somewhere else. Hats off for lotsa people out there willing to (queue)3 !!!

Verdict  for Halloweek :
1) Me and kid had some fun during the process even though outcome may not be as good as store bought.
2) Have a good rumage of our memory and craft box before spending time, money on project materials.
    Keep Re-use, Recycle and Re-purpose in mind.
3) Would  think twice about attending RC organised activities the next time !......

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Punggol North Halloween Carnival 2010

We've finally bought our tickets for the above Halloween Carnival! Look forward to it as it's our family's 1st involvement in anything halloween, even for me and DH. I must say Halloween activities are really catching up in Singapore!

What's Halloween without a costume?! So I've asked Kaylene what she would like as a costume and she said a Butterfly. OK Great! They can wear some Butterfly wings! A friend just told me that I can get cheap and pretty wings from stores, but I've decided to have our own designs and give myself and probably Kaylene a DIY Butterfly Wings project!

 I may try to make something like this....

 or this... Kaylene went " WOW, I LIKE THIS PINK BUTTERFLY WINGS"...
 or simply this... Kaylene went "EEEII, THIS IS NOT NICE, I WANT THE PINK ONE",,

So, I've got 3 DAYS left and I hope somthing good come out of it! Stay tuned :)

Here are some pretty butterfly wings I found, which I think are rather high standard for me to DIY!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Mouse Shapes Fun

As I was reading Mouse Shapes that we borrowed from the library to my kids, I was suddenly inspired to do what the mice did in the story; use shapes to form something!

This book saved half my day in coming up with an activity for the kids and I really thought it was a good one. Kaylene enjoyed cutting the shapes out and pasting them to form trees, house, mouse etc . I drew the shapes and she did all the cutting! Kudos for her patience as kids don't cut as fast as adults. (Tips for cutting shapes symetrically : fold the paper into half and draw half of the shape on one side of paper. Then cut.)

For Shiranne, she had her fun exploring the glue, not sure whether she paid attention to my shapes introduction for her though!?

1 more thing Kaylene seems to enjoy , peeling bit by bit the dried glue from her fingers. Something I used to enjoy when I was little too. :) 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Birthday cards to DIY photo frames

I've gotten some pretty birthday cards for my birthday recently and couldn't bare to throw them away. The DIY photo frame came to me and I thought it would be a great craft project for Kaylene.
The First card was used as the Frame. I'd to measure my photos before using my rotary cutter to cut out the frame. Above frames are 14 x 9 cm for 4R photos. Below is a quick guide for 4R, 5R and 3R photos.

4R = 4" X 6" or 10.2cm X 15.2cm
5R = 5" X 7" or 12.7cm X 17.8cm
3R = 3.5" X 5" or 8.9cm X 12.7cm

I've used the flowers , ribbons from both the cards and even the maroon coloured envelope for the borders and hearts. Then  I got Kaylene to paste and decorate the frames whichever way she likes!

As for the black frames, not from cards though. We used black papers, some glue sprinkler and foam stickers to decorate! The litte one had fun dotting her own photo frame with the glue sprinkers!

Nice outcome and deco for our boring cabinets! I'm glad the nice birthday cards did not end up in the rubbish bin !

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

short trip to malacca

excited over the huge n comfy bus seat!
beautifully decorated trishaw, lights up
night roads of Malacca

Cutie toddlers! Cousins hand in hand

our whole congragation in front of
Christ Church of Melaka, waited for an hr
for their public bus! Maybe it's the weekend?
Take it only when u have lotsa of time
and dying to experience their public transport !?

Makko Restaurant's baby high chair!
Rattan made, what a change from the
plasticky ones!

Highly recommended Peranakan nonya restaurant.
Thumbs up for food, price, service!
 I liked their Assam fish. Yum with white rice!

San Shu Gong's Gula Melaka Chendol!
Even if you like durian, avoid ordering the
durian chendol, durian's strong flavour will
mask the gula taste!
- Durian lover's conclusion :0

Our purchase from Jonker's street : from Left
San Shu Gong Gai Zai biscuit, white coffee, sweet potato sticks
Botton : Mee Sua

one of my love @ 1st sight purchases from the mega mall
only RM19.90
  We went on a 3D/2N trip to Malacca with my 10 other relatives last weekend. This is the first time we went on a trip in such a big group  We filled almost half of the Grassland bus. It was a pleasant journey through the second link and we reached malacca in about 4 hrs time. We chose to stay at Hotel Equatorial as it's within walking distance to Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall. Lotsa shops there for us to shop n eat, shop n eat!

It was a relaxing trip as everything was planned by our seasoned malacca-going aunts. They even volunteered to babysit our kids while me and hubby do some retail therapy in peace. In the end, my aunts were glad to get to know their grand nieces better!

We also visited the new Jusco Bandraya Melaka shopping mall. It was a huge mall and very spacious. Personally I think the shopping over there is not very exciting. You can find some of their shops in Singapore too and prices are rather close to Singapore's after conversion. Our cab driver even commented it's a 'rich man's' shopping place. We'd to take a cab which cost us RM15 to go from Christ Church area and then had to call a cab back to our hotel from the mall's Customer service counter for RM20 as cabs going to the mall is rare.

In all, it was a nice short trip for us all!

  • Nice to be away from home- no cleaning, washing, cooking since am still waiting for my Indo  maid, been 3 wks! The passport processing is taking way too long!
  • Got to watch a gruesome , seat gripping movie on the bus about man-eating crocodiles. Didn't catch the title though. Glad to watch a movie. Chances like that are rare.

Monday, October 18, 2010

really giving my girl piano lessons!

I have always been rather apprehensive teaching kaylene to play the piano. Attempted introducing a little piano playing, notes, beats etc when she was 3+ and all she ever tried was to bang on the piano in an uncontrollable manner!! When she reached 4, I tried again and playing the piano is still about pressing all the notes with a her 10 little fingers at the same time all over the place, and as loud as possible! LOL :).

It was only about half a month ago that when I tried asking her to use her 5 fingers of her right hand to play C_D_E_F_G and to sing along DO_RE_MI_FA_SO  on her toy piano that she actually complied, and did so several times nicely! I was excited and without even trying to get her to play on the real piano, I was set that she's finally ready for some serious piano lessons! As soon as I'd the time,  I was at Yamaha buying her some beginner piano and theory books  for our lessons!

I had been teaching part-time piano since my Junior College days and all the way till I was pregnant with Kaylene. I've already anticipated teaching my own girl piano would be a challenge, knowing her character and I'm afterall Mummy and not a teacher to her. I know kids are usually more obedient given a 'real' teacher!

First lesson, she has the 'know all' attitude was easily over-enthusiastic, at times pushing my hands away when I want to demo and she kept saying "I know , I know"! **faint**, felt like pulling my hair**  I never had students like that, except my own daughter haha! Still I have my own tricks to counter this!

But I must say I've started her at the right age as she's progressing well. 2 weeks into lessons and she's already playing & singing "Hot Cross Buns" (knowing notes C_D_E, fingerings, counting and clefs).  She also loves doing Lina Ng's Music Theory book for little children as it has lotsa stickers, her fav!

I'm really looking forward to giving my own girl piano lessons, of course minus the hair pulling.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Crayon Rocks and Eco Stars


I've  finally received the Crayon Rocks and Eco Stars! It was also my first time experience as a spree organiser, quite a busy experience!

I've gotten the Crayon Rocks from USA as they are made from non-toxic soy wax and are tinted with natural mineral powers. On the day I received the crayons, I grabbed the small bag of crayon rocks out for a dinner gathering for the girls to use and doodle. The children at the dinner love these rocks! I think they got excited mainly for the novelty as they are so different from the normal crayons.

For me at that dinner, I love the rocks simply because they don't roll off the table like some other crayons! I don't have to go bending under the table for strayed off crayons :)   Lastly, I've also gotten my preschooler to count 1-16 , making sure we got them all before going off.

As for the Eco stars, they are 100% recycled crayons. What a brilliant way to reduce wastage! They are non-toxic too as the US manufacturer discard the use of crayons made from China or foreign countries which may contain plastic or lead. I've gotten them due to the cute star shaped design and true enough, Kaylene was asking for the eco stars the 1st thing she woke up in the morning! I managed to persuade her to wait till christmas as her gift!!

One of thr pictures Kaylene drawn with the rocks during the dinner!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

flower vase from my girl and myself

My DH and girls brought me some cut flowers from Cold storage for my Birthday while I was shopping at Fashion Lab. DH actually diverted me away saying I should go do some shopping on my own while he take the kids somewhere else. I got myself a dress and got back with them and got my little surprise! DH said that's the closest orange coloured flower they could find. (yes, orange is my fav colour!).
It's a nice pastel orange, in pic seems rather yellow.

At home, while I was searching for something to hold the flowers (we don't have a vase at home because we are not the type of family that buys fresh flowers for home deco, and we threw our only vase -too big in my opinion - away while we were doing some de-cluttering half a year ago!). However, managed to find a clean empty soya milk bottle in the store and decided it would be a good vase for my flowers.

As I was in a crafty mood, decided to rope in Kaylene and occupy her time with some craft work! Got her to decorate the bottle with some foam stickers and glitters. I tied the 'happy birthday' ribbon myself.  We had a good time with this craft work and kaylene was actually singing the Disney Channel Birthday book song. If you are familiar , something like this "Once a year, it's a very special's your birthday!.." Anyway, we liked the final product. I would be keeping this vase for our future flowers!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

a simple flower waffle

a flower waffle
5 hearts shaped waffle
my little girl prefers her mini size waffles
 It's been such a long while since we have home-made waffles! I did not have the chance to make waffles when we were in toronto. Finally today, I bought my self raising flour and unsalted butter to start again our home-made waffle!  I also missed my takada waffle maker which makes such pretty heart shaped or flower waffles :). Actually it's supposed to make heart shaped waffles, but my girls prefer flowers sometimes, so as long as I don't fill the mould with batter, a flower waffle will appear! heehee!

I think Kaylene also misses home made waffles as she actually requested for waffles for the next day's breakfast already! I felt so good making home-made waffles again!!

Here is a simple Plain Waffle recipe which i've modified  and have been using. Serves my family of 4.

4 TB melted unsalted butter
2 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1 cup self raising flour 
2 TB sugar

Beat eggs lightly. Add milk and gently mix till combined. Add 1 TB of melted butter to milk mixture and work lightly with fork. Heat waffle iron while you sift the flour into a bowl. Make a well in flour and gradually beat in milk and the remaining butter. Finally add sugar and mix well. Grease waffle iron and pour batter enough batter. Close the iron and bake approx 3min or until both sides are golden brown!

Happy waffle making!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

what has marinating chicken got to do with Archies 1969

Kay wanted to help me in cooking today hence I assigned her the task of mixing up my chicken marinates. As I poured the honey into the plate, kay began to chant 'Honey, honey'. Then out of the blue , a song surfaced in my head!  Did you guess what song is that? No price for guessing the right answer though :P!
 It's The Archies "Sugar, Sugar"! Then while she was mixing the marinate concoction after i added the other marinate ingredients- mustard, black pepper, mixed herbs, garlic powder and sesame oil, I searched youtube for the song and video.

Then I found this interesting animated version. Both my girls enjoyed the catchy song and tune so much. Kept asking for more and were even grooving to the music!! Even I love it too! No wonder The Archies' "Sugar, Sugar" was the 1969 number-one single of the year. It spent four weeks at the top in 1969 and eight weeks at the top of the UK singles chart. Enjoy :)

My girls now know an Oldies bubblegun pop!

Archies - Sugar, Sugar Lyrics

Sugar, ah honey honey
You are my candy girl
And you've got me wanting you.
Honey, ah sugar sugar
You are my candy girl
And you've got me wanting you.
I just can't believe the loveliness of loving you
(I just can't believe it's true)
I just can't believe the one to love this feeling to.
(I just can't believe it's true)
Ah sugar, ah honey honey
You are my candy girl
And you've got me wanting you.
Ah honey, ah sugar sugar
You are my candy girl
And you've got me wanting you.
When I kissed you, girl, I knew how sweet a kiss could be
(I know how sweet a kiss can be)
Like the summer sunshine pour your sweetness over me
(Pour your sweetness over me)
Sugar, pour a little sugar on it honey,
Pour a little sugar on it baby
I'm gonna make your life so sweet, yeah yeah yeah
Pour a little sugar on it oh yeah
Pour a little sugar on it honey,
Pour a little sugar on it baby
I'm gonna make your life so sweet, yeah yeah yeah
Pour a little sugar on it honey,
Ah sugar, ah honey honey
You are my candy girl
And you've got me wanting you.
Oh honey, honey, sugar sugar ..
You are my candy girl ..