Sunday, September 19, 2010

Signs of Autumn?

collection for our leaves pressing
Towards end of summer, nearing end of our stay in Toronto, nearing autumn, feeling the nice chill again.
We were at Allans Garden again, for kids to feed and chase the squirrels and birds. Then, leisurely as we walk, I saw some yellow and red maple leaves on the ground. I looked up, and hey a couple of trees have their leaves turning colour. I was really surprised and happy about it because I didn't expect to see a little of the autumn leaves before I leave Toronto next week. Autumn usually starts the last week of Sept.

Some SG friends who are working in New York City has mentioned they felt that the fall has been overated. Then, i thought maybe ya, probably I won't be as excited if i really see the autumn scene hence we decided not to extend our stay another week.

However, after the garden experience, I beg to differ. I realised I was excited about seeing just a tinge of red leaves on the tree . So pretty they looked!  It's not like back in Singapore where the trees are green throughout the year without the four seasons.

Now, secretly hoping that autumn will come earlier so I can see more of the autumn red here in the next few days!!

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