Saturday, September 11, 2010

Puzzle Challenge for my 20 months toddler

She did it! I hoorayed, she hoorayed with both hands up! :) At first the 16 pcs puzzle I bought for her was to introduce her to the cute animals and let her spend her time playing with the pieces. But by a month time (now she's 21 months), she is able to piece the puzzle in about 1 min time! Initially, I'd help her piece the puzzles, holding her hands showing her where each puzzle fits and how to rotate the puzzles. She did have her share of frustrations when she was piecing the puzzles herself, and she would go crying. But now it was a breeze and she would proudly show me her completed puzzle!

I really loved challenging my kids with the puzzles. I remembered introducing puzzles to my elder girl at 2.5 years old with a more difficult 16 pcs puzzle, those with rounded tabs on each side and have to interlock them. By 3, she was piecing 100pcs! She was doing more out of memory I guessed because she was piecing it over and over again at least 3 times a day!

So hey parents, challenge your toddler with some simple puzzles first. Introducing puzzles at an early stage can help toddlers to develop their motor ,cognitive and hand-eye skills. Also, depending on the theme of the puzzle, can also teach them to speak and learn new words. Did I mention about memory skills?

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