Thursday, September 30, 2010

Butterfly Garden @ Singapore Changi T3 Transit

We are finally back in Singapore and we love Singapore!! The weather is pretty hot and we already got ourselves sweaty by visiting the Butterfly Garden. We found out about the Butterfly Garden when we were back in Toronto hence decided to let the kids have a chance to be up close with the butterflies. Furthermore, it's only available to people in transit, arrival or departure so since we will be arriving at T1, would like to take a peek at this world's first Butterfly Garden built in an airport!

The girls were a little apprehensive when they have butterflies fluttering near them, squealing  a little when the butterflies attempt to make a landing on them! However, I can see they still enjoyed looking at the pretty butterflies.  A nice little butterfly garden to visit!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lantern Making for the Mid-Autumn Festival

The Royal Ontario Museum was having some Mid-Autumn festival events going on on Sunday. (The actual day of the festival falls on 22 Sept this year). So we decided to check out the museum as well to participate in some of the kids activities there.  We had some Lanterns making fun there!

Have not eaten any mooncake so far. Hope to eat some when we are back in Singapore!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Signs of Autumn?

collection for our leaves pressing
Towards end of summer, nearing end of our stay in Toronto, nearing autumn, feeling the nice chill again.
We were at Allans Garden again, for kids to feed and chase the squirrels and birds. Then, leisurely as we walk, I saw some yellow and red maple leaves on the ground. I looked up, and hey a couple of trees have their leaves turning colour. I was really surprised and happy about it because I didn't expect to see a little of the autumn leaves before I leave Toronto next week. Autumn usually starts the last week of Sept.

Some SG friends who are working in New York City has mentioned they felt that the fall has been overated. Then, i thought maybe ya, probably I won't be as excited if i really see the autumn scene hence we decided not to extend our stay another week.

However, after the garden experience, I beg to differ. I realised I was excited about seeing just a tinge of red leaves on the tree . So pretty they looked!  It's not like back in Singapore where the trees are green throughout the year without the four seasons.

Now, secretly hoping that autumn will come earlier so I can see more of the autumn red here in the next few days!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Gala Apple picking!

The apple picking season has finally started! There will be different varieties of apples available for picking throughout the season from early September to end October.  I was excited to bring my kiddies to do some apple picking. Back in Singapore, we do not have any apple farms, so since we are in Toronto, it's such a great opportunity for my kids to physically pluck apples from apple trees.

We went to an apple farm in Brampton called Orchalaw Farm. It was about an hour drive from downtown toronto. It was easy to spot the farm as there was a big apple at the entrance. We were greeted with a friendly staff who briefed us where to park our car and where we can pick the apples we wanted. We wanted to pick the Galas because we like the cruchy and sweetness, and best is they can store up to a month in the fridge.

As first timers in the apple picking, we thought the stem of the apple will detache from the tree branch as we pull the apple from the tree. However, to our surprises, the apple came off without the stem! I felt the apples don't look nice without their stem, and they don't store well too. So, I want my stalk on the apples ( LOL) and I instructed the rest of my family members to pluck the apples gently and try to make sure the stem are still attached. For my kids, I'd to help them by using my nails to act as cutters. For those who want their stems like me, I'd advise to bring a some scissor or penknife along.

After having filled our own bags with apples (you can bring your own or buy from the farm at $1 each), we went to the playground in the farm and the kids had lotsa fun! We stayed till almost their closing hrs and then went to pay for our apples. It was definitely a fun and memorable trip!

We even brought home a little friend which was on one of the apples we picked, and it was the girls' pet for now :)

a tiny ladybug

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Puzzle Challenge for my 20 months toddler

She did it! I hoorayed, she hoorayed with both hands up! :) At first the 16 pcs puzzle I bought for her was to introduce her to the cute animals and let her spend her time playing with the pieces. But by a month time (now she's 21 months), she is able to piece the puzzle in about 1 min time! Initially, I'd help her piece the puzzles, holding her hands showing her where each puzzle fits and how to rotate the puzzles. She did have her share of frustrations when she was piecing the puzzles herself, and she would go crying. But now it was a breeze and she would proudly show me her completed puzzle!

I really loved challenging my kids with the puzzles. I remembered introducing puzzles to my elder girl at 2.5 years old with a more difficult 16 pcs puzzle, those with rounded tabs on each side and have to interlock them. By 3, she was piecing 100pcs! She was doing more out of memory I guessed because she was piecing it over and over again at least 3 times a day!

So hey parents, challenge your toddler with some simple puzzles first. Introducing puzzles at an early stage can help toddlers to develop their motor ,cognitive and hand-eye skills. Also, depending on the theme of the puzzle, can also teach them to speak and learn new words. Did I mention about memory skills?