Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Leaves pressing for keepsake

We left about a month in Toronto and over the time of spring and summer, we have picked some leaves either on our walk to the gardens or along the streets.  Our collection include different types of maple leaves and some other interestingly shaped ones. They were pressed in thick books for several days. Then Kay and I decided to start our 1st book collection on leaves printing.  I cut up the Cereal Box to make the hardcovers for the book and kay had fun decorating them. I'm glad I did some recycling too!! We used tapes to stick the leaves on the pages. Then I went to google to identify some of the leaves.

Kay  had previously did a Torn Paper Collage of an apple tree so I thought it would be so appropriate to put it as her 1st page of her book. :)


  1. wow, I love their works. It is like a picture tells a million words. They don't need to write long essay after their trip.

  2. Yes Jessica. It's really nice activity for the gals to remember some of the things that gone tru their lives!